Monday, October 17, 2005


Angelo Gaja is the owner and president of Gaja Winery, and is a fourth generation Piedmontese wine maker. The Gaja Winery was founded by Giovanni Gaja in 1859, The Currently, Gaja owns 250 acres in the Northwestern part of Italy, in Piedmont, but additional estates are located in Montalcino and Bolgheri.

Gaja has been acknowledged internationally as one of the world's greatest wine makers. Taking an innovated approach to wine making is just one of the things that Gaja Winery is famous for. Gaja produces elegant and opulent wines.


A deep garnet color, the Gaja Barbaresco is a wonderful wine that takes its name from the village of its origin. Produced from Nebbiolo grapes, this wine is dark, and tannic. With the aroma of cherries and a deep chewy long-lasting flavor, this is a complex wine with good structure and a long finish. Try vintages 1996, 1997, and 2000 with good aged cheese, or strongly flavored meals that may be too distinctive for other wines.

Sori San Lorenzo

Highly concentrated currant and black cherry fruit. Gaja Sori San Lorenzo is made primarily from the Nebbiolo grape with a small amount of Barbera grape added in. This grape is ancient and widely planted throughout Italy. High in anthocyanins but low in tannin content, it creates wonderful blends when added to other grapes as it mellows some stronger varieties and adds complexity to the blend. Sori San Lorenzo is such a wine with the 2001 Vintage possessing a long, lingering finish and refined tannins. Many good vintages are available, but 2000, 2001 and 1998 are particularly worthy vintages.

Sori Tildin

This lovely, aromatic wine is names for Angelo Gaja's grandmother: Clothilde Rey in tribute to her inspiring Angelo in his quest to innovate the wine making industry. This wine is n excellent tribute with great aging potential. Possessing a deep purple color and rich body, the Gaja Sori Tildin has a subtle texture and ripe, fine tannins. Complex aromas of toast, minerals and sour cherries or layered with cedar and spices. Excellent Vintages include 2000, 2001, and 1998.


Vintages from 2001, 2000 and 1999 are all worthy wines. Gaja Sperss carries a wide range of price tags, from reasonable to extravagant. Low acidity is a nice characteristic of this deeply structured, complex wine. With a deep burgundy color, the nose is dark and pure with hints of licorice. Fruity but focussed, this wine has lots of ripe tannins and a long finish. Very complex, pair it with aged cheese or a rich beefy dinner. Choose a meal that can stand up to the hearty flavors of this multilayered wine.

Costa Russi

Costa Russi comes from a Gaja vineyard of the same name, that lies on the side of a hill facing the sun. Russie is the name of the previous vineyard owners, and costa literally refers to the side of the hill. This deep dark purplish wine is a blend of 95% Nebbiolo and 5% barbera grapes, producing a lovely and complex mixture of aromas and flavors. With the scent of blackberry and coffee beans, Gaja Costa Russi is known to be elegant and full bodied. Recommended varieties include 1996, 1997 and 1998.