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Turley Winery

Turley Wines

The Turley wineries have been producing some of California’s finest since 1993. The ever-expanding vineyards of the Turley provide cult wines that tantalize the senses and offer a unique tasting experience every time. The label is synonymous with world class Zinfandels and the range and quality of the wines is second to none.

Turley Napa Valley Hayne Petite Sirah 2001

This bottle has a very dark black tone with an intense complexity of aromas and flavors. The bottle opens up to a layer of chocolate and pepper with a boysenberry and licorice undertone. Toasty oak and a meaty game aroma finish the bouquet. Ripe boysenberry, cola and chocolate flavors are off set with a spicy oak note and peppery licorice finish.

Turley Napa Valley Hayne Petite Sirah 1997

This vintage has an inky dark tone with a fresh nose of dark raspberries and white pepper with an earth undertone. The dark fruit flavors are dominant in this bottle with a pepper zest that bursts onto the palate.
This is a full-bodied fine wine with a lingering finish.

Turley Lodi Zinfandel Dogtown Vineyard 2002

The 2002 vintage possesses the warm dark tone and delightful fresh fruit concentration. Heavy aromas of blue and black berry with a mingling of Italian herbs deepen and develop on the palate. The wine has a long fresh finish.

Turley Lodi Zinfandel Dogtown Vineyard 2001

This Turley bottle has a dark opulent tone and a warm fruit concentration. Ripe jam, blueberry and plum are combined with a strawberry essence in the bouquet. The flavors are full and supple black berry, plum and strawberry with a layer of spice to finish.

Turley Napa Valley Zinfandel Moore-Earthquake Vineyard 2001

This wine is inky and dark with a strong infusion of dark berries and spice on the nose. Black berry and boysenberry flavors are layered upon toasty oak with warmth lingering on the palate. The flavors continue to deepen with a lengthy finish.

Turley Napa Valley Zinfandel Moore-Earthquake Vineyard 1995

This vintage has a slightly warmer dark tone with a ripe smoky bouquet. Cigar box and cedar greet the senses with a hint of raspberry. The wine flows smoothly onto the palate-infusing raspberry, cedar and cigar box flavors with a hot fruit finish.

Turley Napa Valley Zinfandel Hayne Vineyard 2001

This wine is almost black in tone with a very strong fruit and earth bouquet. Blackberry and boysenberry aromas are layered with a dusty and earth note. A high concentration of dark fruits and ripe tannins define this Turley Zin.

Turley Napa Valley Zinfandel Hayne Vineyard 1993

This Turley Zin is well balance and vibrant with a fresh ripe bouquet of black cherry, anise and plum and a layering of lush raspberry. The aroma melt onto the palate with a deep velvet finish further revealing the fruit flavors.

Turley Duarte Zinfandel 2002

This is a complex bottle with an invigorating combination of aromas and flavors. Upon opening the bottle reveals a delicate bouquet of floral and blueberry notes. The wine has a dark tone and is very well balanced with the flavors of fresh fruit and a peppery bite.

Turley Duarte Zinfandel 1996

This wine possesses a rich complex infusion of black cherry and raspberry on the nose that deepens on the palate with a smoke and oak undertone. The 96 bottle is fresh and well structured with a full body and an intense lingering finish.

Sine Quo Non

Sine Qua Non Wines

SQN are unique and distinctive cult wines produced by Manfred Krankl. Founded in 1993 SQN began producing wines for a Las Angeles restaurant owned by Manfred and his wife Elaine. In 1994 they released their first label the Sin Qua Non Queen of Spades, the wine was made in a Las Angeles warehouse.

The label took off with its daring, bold blends and in 2001 Elaine and Manfred purchased and planted their own vineyard in Santa Ynez Valley.

Sine Qua Non Pinot Noir Hollerin' M Shea Vineyard 2002

This vintage has an opulent dark red tone with lavender purple traces at the rim. The bottle opens up to a floral aroma with underlying cinnamon notes. On the palate a velvet finish complements the ripe taste of sweet black cherry.

Sine Qua Non Incognito 2000

This bottle has a warm soft ruby glow with a deepening at the edges. The nose is a dynamic melding of plum and cherry with a hint of herb. The wine flows softly onto the palate with a full velvet body and a distinctive cola and plum taste. The flavors deepen further with layers of raspberry and a soft caramel essence. The finish is warm and full leaving a lasting impression.

Sine Qua Non Veiled Pinot Noir 1998

This SQN wine has a bouquet of earth and wet leaves with a black cherry undertone and subtle hint of warm spice. On the palate the wine overflows with notes of spice, cinnamon and nutmeg. This is a fine well-structured wine that will mature nicely.

Sine Qua Non E-Raised Cabernet 1998

This wine is a strong and powerful vintage with a heavy concentration of fruit. The aromas of plum, currants, red and black berries dominate the bouquet and extended warmly onto the palate. This wine has opulence in tone and a supple texture.

Sine Qua Non Twisted and Bent 1997

Like all SQN blends this bottle is unique in taste and texture with a lively pear and melon fragrance that is further defined on the mouth. Floral notes and a subtle seaweed aroma combine with an oak and straw finish. This wine has a smooth flowing texture with a charred after taste.

Sine Qua Non Imposter McCoy 1997

This vintage has a dark plum coloring and a vibrant lively bouquet. The wine opens up to a heavy hit of oak and an underlying floral fragrance. Plum, cherry and rhubarb aromas dominate with a delightful berry flavor the feature of this bottle.

Sine Qua Non Omadhaum & Poltroon Alban Vineyard 1996

This is a unique and elegant wine with the fragrance of matchsticks and fresh juicy pears. The bouquet fulfills its promise on the palate with the fruit flavors developing further. This is a rich wine with a high concentration of fruit.

Sine Qua Non Against the Wall 1996

This 1996 SQA bottle has a heavy dark bouquet of plum and tar with a dusting of oak. This is a full-bodied rich wine with plum and dark berry flavors and a distinctive bite to it. The fruit undertones wash over the palate and leave subtle tannins to finish.

Sine Qua Non The Other Hand 1995

This year’s vintage has the rough aroma of stone and mineral with a dark red tone. The wine possess a slight oak aroma with infusions of deep purple plum, dark berries and tar. On the palate the fragrances evolve and leave a lasting impression.

Sine Qua Non Queen of Spades 1994

This bottle has a dark inky ruby tone with an interesting array of aromas. The bottle reveals grilled meat and burning rubber aroma upon opening. The flavors pour onto the palate with rich berries and plum, coffee and a trace of herb.

Harlan Estate

The Harlan Estate

"For nearly two decades, Harlan Estate has been committed to creating a California "First Growth" wine estate."

The Harlan Estate is set in the hills of the Oakville wine country, overlooking the Napa Valley. For the past 20 years the Estate has produced some of the finest wines ever made in California. The 240 acres of the Harlan estate is lush with oak studded valleys and has the ideal environmental make up for vine planting.

The estate encompasses traditional and natural wine making methods with a friendly family orientated philosophy of excellence. Harlan wines include rich cabernet sauvignons, delicious merlots, ripe cabernet franc and petit verdot.

Harlan Estate Red Blend 2001

A deep ruby tone is complemented with the ripe fresh aromas of black raspberry, licorice, kirsch and a warm hint of menthol. The bottle has a sweet first impression with an increasing depth and a firm strong taste. The chewy flavors of black fruit melt onto the palate cascading over the entire mouth. This is a Harlan estate special, one of the finest California wines of the year.

Harlan Estate The Maiden 2000

This years blend is a full-bodied ruby red with a dark spicy aroma. Black and red currants dominate the nose with a licorice, mocha and toasty oak impression lingering on the senses. This is a rich and very ripe drop with full fruit flavors and a subtle bite. This wine has a thick lush finish that leaves a lasting impression.

Harlan Estate Red Blend 2000

This wine has a vibrant deep garnet tone with the unfolding aromas of tabacco, mocha and currant. This is a full flavored bottle with a rich taste and the warmth of black raspberry sliding onto the palate. This is an elegant long cabernet with a heavy fruit concentration and a delicate finish.

Harlan Estate The Maiden 1999

This year’s Maiden has a deep ruby coloring with the vibrant aromas of black cherry, smoky oak and brown spices. A full round mouth with a heavy sweet flavor defines this Harlan Estate bottle. The flavor fully coats the palate with ripe tannins and leaves a smooth impression to finish.

Harlan Estate Red Blend 1999

This year’s vintage possesses a ripe and rich nose of black cherry, currant and plum with a heavy melding of meat and smoke and a lasting aroma of cedary spices. This is a very sweet wine with an intense flavor and a deep texture. The fine ripe tannins slide onto the palate leaving a long impression and a strong after taste.

Harlan Estate The Maiden 1998

This year’s vintage has a vibrant ruby red tone and a full aroma. The bottle opens up to a nose of black cherry and licorice. The flavor is peppery with a black cherry taste and a thick full texture. The finish is dusty with dry tannins and a long impression.

Harlan Estate Red Blend 1998

A dark warm tone and a complex aroma of black fruits and bitter chocolate define this year’s wine. The sweet thick nose deepens with caramel, nut and charred oak essences. The wine is flavored with ripe black cherry, black raspberry and licorice. This is a vibrant well-balanced concentrated bottle with a smooth even finish.

Harlan Estate The Maiden 1997

This bottle has a heavy bouquet of roasted fruit with a sweet lingering fragrance. Black raspberry and currants are complemented by a maple syrup essence. This wine has a lasting sweetness and a supple texture. The ripe tannins saturates the palate and leaves a distinctly Harlan after taste.

Harlan Estate Red Blend 1996

This wine features a dark red tone and the warm roasted aromas of plum, black cherry and chocolate. The bouquet is extended with currants, lead pencil, mineral and nuts. The wine flavors are rich and ripe with a full concentration of black cherries. This year’s bottle has a balanced texture and a good strong finish.

Harlan Estate The Maiden 1997

The 97 Maiden has a soft red tone with a strong intense fruit aroma. Black plums and raspberries are melded with mineral and Cuban tabacco in the bouquet. The palate is treated to a full infusion of black raspberries, mineral and tabacco. This is an age worthy drop with a slight oak hint and a supple texture.

Rosenblum Winery


The Rosenblum label was born in the basement of veterinarian Dr. Kent Rosenblum. For many years the Dr made wine in the basement of his home. It was a passion and a hobby that would grow into a world class winery. In 1978 Rosenblum and partners took the wine out of the basement and onto the market. They brought a property in Oakland California where they established the Rosenblum winery and vineyards.

Rosenblum wines are renowned the world over with the award winning zinfandel establishing the name as an industry leader. The label also has accolades in the beautifully crafted cabernet sauvignon, merlot and chardonnay. Rosenblums philosophy combine traditional winemaking principals with innovative techniques to create soft unique wines. Every wine reflects the vineyard with a strong but elegant presence.

Rosenblums 2004 Maggies Reserve

This delicately crafted Zinfandel epitomizes Rosenblums style and innovation. Rich layered wine with soft plum and ripe cherry the dominant flavors. This wine has a warm hint of dark chocolate and earthy spices. A long finish with a zesty vibrant impression.

Rosenblums 2003 Rockpile Road Zinfandel

This bottle is a rich texture wine with a hint of spice and earth. A complex drop with melding flavors of ripe cherry, black raspberry and chocolate truffles. This wine deepens with the aroma of anise to finish.

Rosenblums 2003 Monte Rosso

This bottle opens up to a dark deep tone with a rich aroma. Its high fruit concentration and its distinctive blend define this wine. Ripe raspberry, spice, black berry and currants complement the unique essences of vanilla and mint. A long finish with a velvet texture and a mouth to remember.

Rosenblums 2003 Sonoma Valley Zinfandel, Maggie's Reserve

The 2003 Sonoma Valley blend is a beautifully crafted fine wine. The wild aromas of raspberry and black berry are infused with a hint of vanilla and the essence of eucalyptus. A warm touch of cinnamon and herb finish the bouquet. On the palate the flavors flow with ripe raspberry and black berry, bing cherries and a hint of clove and eucalyptus. A lingering impression sensuously melts on the palate.

Rosenblums 2003 Sonoma Valley Zinfandel, Cullinane Reserve

This bottle is an intense and dark wine with a unique blend of bouquet and flavor. An exotic melding of minerals, black fruits and eucalyptus are off set against a subtle fresh scent of oregano. This is a spicy blend with a smooth vanilla essence and a strong mint and menthol finish. A little chocolate dusty is apparent as the wine lingers on the palate.

Rosenblums 2003 Paso Robles Zinfandel, Richard Sauret Vineyards

This Zinfandel is an exotic wine bursting with fruit flavors. A rich bouquet of ripe black currants and black berry with a cherry layer set the tone for the full flavored palate. Currants and vanilla combine with briary spice and cracked pepper to leave a warmth on the mouth. This is a gracefully aging drop with a complex and lasting finish.

Rosenblums 2003 Napa Valley Zinfandel, Hendry Reserve

This 2003 Napa Valley bottle is a rich textured wine with a lengthy finish and a supple firmness on the palate. The ripe currant fragrance and blackberry bouquet are married with black cherry flavors, boysenberry essence and a hit of spice and pepper. This is finished with a chocolate touch.

Rosenblums 2003 Alexander Valley Zinfandel, Harris-Kratka Vineyard

This vintage is an elegant and refined bottle with intense black fruit aromas. Black cherry and juicy plum are off set with a velvet texture on the palate and the flavors of violet, rose, vanilla and currant. This is a particularly soft and warm wine with a lingering beauty and presence.

Rosenblums 2003 Napa Valley Zinfandel, Lyons Reserve

This is a bottle bursting with spice and flavor. A mineral and black cherry bouquet opens up to a hit of white cracked pepper. The aromas are reminiscent on the palate. This is a unique and powerful wine with a soft texture and a dreamy finish

Rosenblums 2002 Zinfandel, Planchon Vineyard

This is rich with the aroma of chocolate, cherry and plum. The spices descend on the palate with plum taste to finish. A lovely drop with a layered flavor and a long finish.

Chateau Montrose

Chateau Montrose

The Chateau Montrose is a fairly young estate compared with its Saint Estephe neighbors. At the turn of the 19th century the area had been growing grapes and producing wines for centuries. Montrose in contrast was an overgrown srub land. Wine maker and estate owner Etienne Théodore Dumoulin saw the potential in the land for growing grapes. The first vines were planted at the Chateau Montrose in 1815. The first wines crafted from the Montrose grapes were called Montrose-Ségur.
In the 1860s Domoulin died and the estate passed into the hands of Louis Victor Charmolüe, the vineyard has been in his family ever since.

Chateau Montrose 2004

This year’s vintage is a subtle smooth wine with a soft texture. The aromas are smoky with oak and black fruit layers and a green pepper note. The ripe fruit flavors and warm finish define this wine.

Chateau Montrose 2002

This bottle has a dark inky tone and a sweet intense nose. A harmony of black fruits greet the sense and concentrate on the palate. This is a full fresh wine with traditional tones of fruit and oak layering the mouth. This bottle has a heavy texture and a long finish.

Chateau Montrose 2001

The 2001 vintage is tight on the nose; it has a warm opulent tone and a concentrated flavor. Heavy strong and dense fragrances of black fruit and black berry continue to deepen on the palate. A distinctive black fruit after taste lingers.

Chateau Montrose 2000

This is a very deep and serious wine with a garnet ruby tone. The aromas of black fruit and earthy berries yield to a warm ripe flavor on the palate. This wine has a very concentrated flavor with a heavy textured finish. This is a smooth drop with an acidic mineral aftertaste and a long flowing finish.

Chateau Montrose 1999

The 1999 bottle is warm sweet and feminine. Defined by a solid concentration of black fruit and heavy tannins this bottle delicately unfolds onto the palate. Its high density saturates the mouth with ripe fruit flavors of black berry and cassis. Finishes with an earthy oak undertone and a lingering smoke.

Chateau Montrose 1998

This vintage possesses a deep coloring and a dusting of black fruit and soot notes. The aromas ignite into a dried prune fragrance with an earthy undertone. On the palate the wine fruit concentration is strong with a chocolate flavor infusing a warmth and sensuality into the bottle. This is an age worthy wine that will deepen and strengthen with maturity.

Chateau Montrose 1997

This wine possess a firm structure and a deep-set nose. The fruit taste and aroma is soft and the tone is warm at the core with a pink rim. A long and layered wine with a complex cassis and oak finish.

Chateau Montrose 1996

The 96 vintage is a dark ruby color and possess a complex nose overflowing with heavy juicy fruits. A ripe and firm wine with textured spice, roasted herbs and chocolate notes. On the palate this wine flows with elegance and a rich complex melding of black fruits, cigar-box and expresso to taste. This wine has a long velvety finish.

Chateau Montrose 1995

This bottle has vibrant warmth in tone and a supple cranberry, black berry and cassis bouquet. A touch of plum and raspberry is revealed in the bottle and it cascades lightly across the palate. The flavors are a delightful melding of black fruits, leather and dark chocolate with a supple tannins, cedar and oak finish.
A tobacco and leather after taste linger on the palate.

Chateau Montrose 1994

The 94 vintage has a warm ruby tone with a smoky fruit and lead nose. A smooth flowing wine fills the palate with a firm tannins, tabacco, blackberry and sooty notes. This is a distinctly savory wine that will mature nicely.

Chateau Montrose 1993

This year’s bottle is a classic Montrose vintage. A dry woody oak nose with notes of black fruit and cassis warming the fragrance and sliding onto the palate. A black fruit and tar flavor dominate the taste with an oak and cedar finish. Delightful to drink young.



The Penfolds label has a proud and innovative history as Australia’s foremost wine label. The story begins with Christopher Rawson Penfold. The young doctor and adventurer left his England home to travel to the far of continent of Australia where he settled with his family. In 1844 Penfold brought the Magill estate in South Australia. Penfold like many other doctors believed in the use of wine for medicinal purposes. The family developed their winemaking business over the next 30 years until Doctors Penfolds death in 1870. After which his wife Mary took over the business and established Penfolds as a household name.

The estate and the winemaking business remained in the Penfold family and they continued to produce wine throughout the 1900’s. During the early 1900s they produced manly ports and cherries but this changed in the early 50’s and the renowned Grange was born. In 1962 the company was turned over to a public owner but the proud tradition of Penfolds continued in the winemaking.

Penfolds Grange 2000

This vintage is warm on the nose with rich layered smoky aromas deepening into black pepper and tabacco notes with a touch of spice and licorice. This wine possesses a dark full flavor on the palate with warm chocolate and plum fruits dominating.

Penfolds Grange 1999

This vintage possesses a dark deep purple tone with a complex layered nose. Black berry and blue berry notes are melded with oak, malt, licorice and anise. The palate reveals a deepening of the nose with blue and black berry flavors and a hint of new oak to finish.

Penfolds Grange 1998

The 1998 vintage has a warm intense coloring with a ripe plum note layered over chocolate and licorice tones. This wine has a nutty toasty oak finish to the aroma with a melding of fruit flavors on the palate. Black berry, raspberry and black currant soften with chocolate and licorice. A light dusting of oak leaves a long lasting impression.

Penfolds Grange 1997

Classic notes of oak mingle delicately with soft ripe blue berry and black currant to deliver the aroma of this ruby wine. Layers of nutmeg and ginger cascade across the senses with a chestnut finish. The flavors burst onto the palate with black berry and dark plum fruits melding with fig and licorice. This wine is finished with a spicy undertone.

Penfolds Grange 1996

This vintage has a warm vibrant tone with the essences of cinnamon, mixed spices, black current and blueberry. An infusion of earthy notes, roast chestnuts and cold tea finish the aroma. A blueberry core melds with the dark ripe fruit flavors. This wine has a long and elegant finish with a hint of oak lingering on the palate.

Penfolds Grange 1995

Deep plum red tone and a layering of warm aromas define this bottle. Notes of plum, blackberry and raspberry are layered upon new leather, dark chocolate and spice. The flavors converge on the palate with classic black fruit, full-bodied chewy tannins and delightful oak all mingling delicately. This bottle is finished with a dusting of spice.

Penfolds Grange 1994

This year’s bottle is a rich concentrated blend with notes of green tea and truffle layered with leather, prune and stewed blueberries. A hint of oak and cedar complete the savory notes. On the palate the flavors deepen into intense fruit and oak and are complemented by chocolate, coffee, licorice and cedar. A long heavy finish with a warmth and complexity.

Penfolds Grange 1993

This vintage has a deep red brick tone with the contrasting aromas of fig, malt and licorice. The aromas melt onto the palate with full fruit and classic oak preceding a delicate coating of deep plum, black olive licorice and chocolate cedar and coffee. This is a bold and forceful vintage with a high intensity fruit concentration.

Penfolds Grange 1992

This wine has a deep vibrant crimson tone with a warm complement of black fruits and currant, tabacco, roasted nuts and ripe berries. The palate reveals a sweet ripened flavor and a rich texture that meld together the spice, earth and fruit flavors.

Penfolds Grange 1991

This is a rich wine with an intense bouquet of ripe berry, spice, tabacco, mocha and green tea. A warm oak fragrance deepens on the palate. A full flavored berry texture with a spice and earth quality defines this Penfolds special.

Penfolds Grange 1990

This is a beautiful intense wine with a heavy ripe berry aroma melding with smoky undertones. A complex drop with the full fruit flavors of a Penfolds special, the coffee layers and the oak finish.

Chateau Leoville las Cases

Leoville las Cases

The Chateau Leoville las Cases is the northern most vineyard of the famous Saint Julien properties. The name came from the Lac Cases family who owned the property throughout the 1800s. In 1900 it was sold and divided. Over the next 30 years the general manger of the vineyard Théophile Skawinski reassembled the property and reestablished the vineyards he then passed on his majority share to his son in law whose family owns the estate today.

The vineyard has a long and proud winemaking history, producing quality classic cabernets for over a hundred years. All the grapes are hand pick from the vineyards 97 hectares and crafted with excellence and tradition in mind.

Chateau Léoville Las-Cases 2004

An impressive vintage the 2004 bottle is dark and deep will a full body of flavor. The aromas of blackberry and ripe citrus fruit greet the senses before softening on the palate with a mineral after taste. Ripe black fruit flavors dominate.

Chateau Léoville Las-Cases 2002

The 2002 bottle has a tight nose that reveals warm herbal tones. This is a heavy chewy drop with layers of fruit cascading onto the palate. This is a full-bodied textured wine that will deepen with maturity.

Chateau Léoville Las-Cases 2001

This year’s vintage has a shimmering tone and a delicate nose of black currant and cassis, a warm vanilla aroma is revealed upon deepening. This wine has a heavy concentration and a layer of oak. A refined classic wine that saturates the palate and the nose graciously.

Chateau Léoville Las-Cases 2000

The 2000 vintage has a soft nose of black fruits and cassis closing with dark warm chocolate notes. Mineral hints and cigar feature in the bouquet. A sweet currant flavor with a heavy concentration and texture complete this wine nicely.

Chateau Léoville Las-Cases 1999

This is a very dense wine with a strong black fruit and violet essence on the nose. This wine has a sweet floral aroma that descends into a spicy tannic taste. Mineral undertones finish the bottle with a nice balance and a lingering impression.

Chateau Léoville Las-Cases 1998

The 1998 vintage possess a warm opaque tone with a mineral nose. Layers of iodine and cigar notes are off set by ripe tannins and liquorice. This wine has a fine toasty oak finish and will deepen with maturity.

Chateau Léoville Las-Cases 1997

The first impression is a sweet cassis and lead note. Opens nicely on the palate with warmth and ripeness and fine tannins. Thick dark fruit flavors finish the wine with a heavy concentration defining the flavors.

Chateau Léoville Las-Cases 1996

A very dark purple tone begins this wine with the traditional aromas of black fruit and cassis melding with roasted herb and tabacco. The palate is supple and light with blueberry and cassis notes lingering nicely. This is an age worthy bottle with length and depth that will exquisitely.

Chateau Léoville Las-Cases 1994

This is an invigorating vintage, with classic Las-Cases style and a unique twist. This wine invites the senses with a soft fresh mint nose and a warm blueberry and cassis palate. The bottle possesses a sweetness and flow that is finished with a citrus orange essence.

Chateau Léoville Las-Cases 1993

This vintage possesses a warm ruby tone with a gradual release of cassis and mineral aromas. The bottle has a fine depth and balance with layers of ripe dark fruit flavors and a warm lingering finish.

Beaulieu Vineyards

Beaulieu Vineyards

In the early 1900s Frenchmen Georges de Latour bought the beautiful estate land of Beaulieu as a gift for his wife. When she first saw the land she exclaimed "Quel Beaulieu" which is French for beautiful place and thus the name and the vineyard was born. Georges brought with him extensive grape growing experience and knowledge that helped to shape the future of the Napa Valley winemaking industry.

During the prohibition years most Napa vineyards were shut down. Beaulieu was one of a handful that was allowed to remain operation due to its contract to produce sacramental wines. Due to the growing demand for this type of wine Georges expanded his land and winery. In the early 1930’s Georges hired a winemaker that would indelibly change the California wine industry forever. Russian born André Tchelistcheff began working at BV is the late 1930s and served as a mentor for some of the most famous Napa Valley winemakers.

In the 1980s the BV was further expanded and the head winemaker Joel Aiken took over the running of the vineyard. Today BV continues it proud tradition of passion and innovation producing some of the finest most progressive Napa Valley cabernets on the market.

Beaulieu George de Latour Private Reserve Cabernet 2000

The 2000 vintage has a deep ruby black coloring and a soft texture. The aromas rise with classic Rutherford dust, hints of black cherry, earthy mineral tone and licorice. A new oak and soft vanilla undertone completes the fragrance. A full-bodied flavor with a slight mineral and cherry taste off set with currant and anise.

Beaulieu George de Latour Private Reserve Cabernet 1999

This vintage opens up to a dark violet red and bursts with flavor and intensity. A heavy herbal aroma with licorice and dark cherry complemented by a vanilla essence defines the first impression of this wine. This is a full-bodied, well-structured vintage with a thick round texture. The rip flavors of black and red fruits are layered upon licorice and mineral with a warm currant of bittersweet cocoa to finish. This wine has a long and intense lingering finish and will age and mature well.

Beaulieu George de Latour Private Reserve Cabernet 1998

A deep purple coloring with a dense structure define this BV special. The strong mineral aromas of the Rutherford fruit are combined with sweet black fruit and cherry flavors. This is an age worthy drop with the classic look, taste and feel of a BV cabernet.

Beaulieu George de Latour Private Reserve Cabernet 1997

This vintage possesses a rich rip aroma with the essences of black cherry and cocoa deepening to reveal a hint of vanilla and mineral. Heavily concentrated flavors of sweet berry and rich black fruits complement the full chewy texture.

Beaulieu George de Latour Private Reserve Cabernet 1996

The distinctive dark opaque red is melded with dusty oak aromas, juicy ripe cherry and cassis. An earthy mineral fragrance features. Firm flavors of rip berry and spice combine in this classic BV wine. This is a graceful fine vintage that will age well.

Beaulieu George de Latour Private Reserve Cabernet 1995

The 1995 vintage possesses the warm dark tones that have become renowned with BV cabernets. An oak and vanilla bouquet is completed with herb and ginger, cherry and mineral fragrances with a soft underlying floral component. The flavors are of heavy black fruit and warm ripe cassis.

Beaulieu George de Latour Private Reserve Cabernet 1994

This vintage has a lighter bright coloring with an earthy ginger nose to begin. The soft notes of oak and vanilla complete the bouquet. On the palate this wine is ripe and possesses mineral undertones and rich black fruit flavors. Layers of earth and spice also linger on the palate with a finishing touch of French and American oak.

Beaulieu George de Latour Private Reserve Cabernet 1993

The 1993 vintage has an intensive aroma and a deep ruby tone. Floral hints are layered with cherry and coffees fragrance. A fresh fruit flavor with a depth and texture that coats the palate. A dry but elegant finish completes this bottle.

Beaulieu George de Latour Private Reserve Cabernet 1992

This vintage has an earthy quality and the traditional deep tones of a BV cabernet. A powerful and well-structured blend that combines a chewy texture with full fruit flavors. This wine has a strong mineral layer with touches of mocha and coffee and a sweet infusion of fruit and spice.

Beaulieu George de Latour Private Reserve Cabernet 1991

This year’s bottle is a full-bodied vintage with a warm opulent red tone. The bouquet melds the spice and soy with a mineral layer of black fruits. This wine is ripe and heavy drop with the concentrated flavors of sweet fruit. A warm full flavor on the palate and a lasting impression.

Beaulieu George de Latour Private Reserve Cabernet 1990

This classic vintage has a full flavor and warmth that extends beyond the bouquet on to the palate. The aromas of ginger, cassis and black berry greet the nose with a mineral tone to follow. A heavy fruit concentration defines the flavor.

Quintessa Winery

Quintessa Winery

The Quintessa estate, vineyards and winery are beautifully and classically constructed to fade into the sumptuous natural surroundings of the property. The estate blends into the landscape preserving the natural ambiance and the environment. The estate and winery is built on rugged diverse terrain fitted snugly into the hillside. The winery was built in 2002 and the wined produced since have been of the finest quality. Quintessa is a refined and elegant cabernet crated in innovative conditions.

Quintessa 2002

This Quintessa vintage is a bold and lasting drop that is dripping with rich fresh essences and a velvet touch. The bouquet delivers a floral and black fruit fragrance that rolls smoothly onto the palate leaving a richness and ripe texture. A dark wine with deep mature tannins and the promise of a good aging.

Quintessa 2001

This year’s vintage has a deep opulence in tone with a full fruit concentration. A delicate balance of rich fruit flavors on the palate are melded with toffee and chocolate undertones. This is a soft supple drop with a lingering warm after taste.

Quintessa 2000

The 2000 vintage is a broad full flavored wine with an expression of dark sweet berries lingering on the mouth. The aroma of black fruit and spice complete this wine with a gentle persuasive fragrance. Full and round the tannins give it a deep elegant long finish.

Quintessa 1999

The 1999 blend captures the essence of the Quintessa vineyard. This is a layered complex wine with deep undertones and a heavy concentration of flavor. The aromas are rich with black fruits, chocolate and floral notes. The tannins are supple and will mature nicely. A lovely blend with a smooth lingering finish.

Quintessa 1998

This year’s vintage is well structured and balanced with a light layered bouquet of floral notes and fresh bright fruits. A hint of cedar, mint and cocoa reveal themselves in this bottle. This elegant bottle has a long soft finish.

Quintessa 1997

The Quintessa blend of 1997 combines layers of fresh ripe concentrated fruit with a sweet long tannins that creates a rich flavor on the palate. The flavors are developed further with bright red fruit to complement the aromas. An age worthy bottle with a lovely texture and a warm finish.

Quintessa 1996

The 1996 bottle possess a warmth and ripeness that makes it unique to the Quintessa vineyard. The fruit aromas dominate the bouquet and further fruit flavoring is revealed on the palate. A touch of black fruit and spice complete this drop. A long elegant velvety finish define this vintage.

Quintessa 1995

This vintage has a wealth of intensity both in note and flavor. The rich bouquet of dark fruit and a depth of cassis are complemented by a ripe linger flavor. A hint of cocoa and coffee finish this delightful wine.

Quintessa 1994
This is the premiere vintage release of the Quintessa label. A bright warm tone and fresh red fruit aromas combine seamlessly to release a velvet texture onto the palate. Flavors of dark fruit and cassis finish of the delicious wine.

Peter Michael Winery

Peter Michael

In 1982 Sir Peter Michael founded the Peter Michael winery in the rocky Mount St Helena in the Sonoma valley. Through his extensive experience with wine the world over he established his winemaking philosophy based on the French traditions. His dedication to making outstanding wines and his commitment to traditional winemaking processes set Peter Michael’s wines apart.

His philosophy is to preserve the natural qualities of the grapes in the way they are grown, harvested and made into wine. Because of his commitment to this standard of excellence only a limited amount of wine will be produced.

Peter Michael Belle Cote Chardonnay 2003

This vintage is a strong heavy and intense blend. The opening aromas of lychee nuts, orange rind and roses are off set by undertones of mineral and spice. A full-bodied creamy texture arrives on the palate with flavors of exotic mango, crisp green apple and juicy apricot. A long elegant finish completes this age worthy wine.

Peter Michael Belle Cote Chardonnay 2002

The 2002 vintage is a traditional Peter Michael drop with the vineyards distinctive aroma’s of lychee nuts, roses and orange rind layered upon spice and mineral notes. An extra hint of hazelnut and cedar accompanies the fragrance. A full silky texture and flowing creamy balance saturates the palate.

Peter Michael Belle Cote Chardonnay 2001

This full-bodied layered wine infuses the aromas of spice with lychee nuts, orange rind and sweet smelling roses. A heavy impression on the palate and a velvety texture define this wine. The 2001 vintage is age worthy and will mature with grace.

Peter Michael Belle Cote Chardonnay 1999

This vintage has a soft golden tone with an intense tropical aroma. A rich full texture flows onto the palate with juicy pineapple and apricot flavors. A warm earthy oak finishes this gentle drop.

Peter Michael Belle Cote Chardonnay 1998

The 1998 vintage is a fresh tropical drop with a golden shimmer and an elegant tone. Flavors of pineapple and papaya wash over the palate with a warm essence of oak leaving a lasting impression. A good wine young but will deepen with age into a classic Peter Michael.

Peter Michael Les Pavots Red 2002

This warm colored ruby vintage from Peter Michael is a distinctly complex and deep wine. Infused with the fruity aromas of red cherry, black berry, raspberry jam, blue berry and black currant with an undertone of cedar, tabacco, white chocolate and an earthy oak note. The flavors are full fresh and ripe leaving a lasting finish on the palate.

Peter Michael Les Pavots Red 2001

This vintage possess a deep ruby tone and an intense fruit and earth bouquet. The sweet aromas of blue berry, lavender, black berry and violet are complemented by a lush undertone of black licorice, expresso coffee and tabacco. An earthy note of graphite and cigar also feature. The aromas continue to deepen onto the palate. The wine is finished with a long impression of ripe fruit flavors and a silky texture.

Peter Michael Les Pavots Red 2000

The 2000 vintage possesses the traditional aromas of blueberry, sweet tabacco and coffee with a vanilla and red cedar underlying note deepening into a ripe currant essence. An age worthy sweet wine with all the style of a Peter Michael bottle.

Peter Michael Les Pavots Red 1996

An outstanding year for the Peter Michael cabernet, a warm ruby red tone with traditional flavors of cassis, red current and anise. This is a finely balanced full-bodied drop with a velvety texture.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Paul Hobbs

Paul Hobbs

The Hobbs family grew wine grapes on their New York farm in the late 1960’s. This is where Paul Hobbs was first aquatinted with the business of winemaking. He took an instant shine to it and his father put him in charge of the operation. This early beginning planted the seeds for Paul and in 1991 he founded the Paul Hobbs Winery in Sonoma Valley California. From those beginnings Paul Hobbs wines grew in reputation and his vineyards in mass.

Renowned for his worldly knowledge and his extensive experience he is noted as one of the most important wine makers in California. Paul Hobbs wines varietals include award winning chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon and merlot.

Paul Hobbs Chardonnay Sonoma Mountain 2002

The 2002 vintage is a mature drop with the traditional flavors of a Paul Hobbs special. The crisp apple aroma offset with almond, toast and an infusing of baking pastry dough. Warm yellow golden tones and a creamy finish on the palate define this apple and cream flavored wine.

Paul Hobbs Chardonnay Sonoma Mountain 2001

The 2001 vintage from Sonoma mountain has a warm apple, toast and almond aroma with a hint of fluffy pastry dough. The tone is golden crisp and the texture slides like silk onto the palate. The deep creamy flavors of apple and crème brulee leave a divine lingering finish

Paul Hobbs Chardonnay Sonoma Mountain 1999

This fine vintage has a soft golden tone with a subtle shine. The fresh aroma’s of maderine; peach and orange peel combine with a touch a vanilla. This silky golden wine is infused with the crisp taste of red and green apples, juicy ripe peach and succulent apricot.

Paul Hobbs Chardonnay Sonoma Mountain 1998

A bright effervescent tone and a rich texture combine in this wine delightfully. The distinctive vanilla aroma warms with sweet spices, fig and toasty oak. A gentle underlying note of peach and orange peel captures the senses. To taste the wine is full of fresh fruit flavors and a supple richness that lingers on the palate.

Paul Hobbs Chardonnay Sonoma Mountain 1997

This vintage has the distinctive aroma of fig and citrus with apple and pear fragrances defining the bouquet. A light straw tone and a melding of full fresh flavors make this a stunning drop. The smooth taste of vanilla bean and light toasty oak with an infusion of underlying mineral complete the taste. A long finish and a velvety texture endure on the palate.

Paul Hobbs Cabernet Napa Valley 2002

This 2002 cabernet possesses a wonderfully rich velvety texture and a deep concentration of dark fruit aromas. On the palate this vintage begins with a strong layered infusion of cassis and licorice tabacco leaf. This is further complemented by a concentration of black cherry, currant and juicy ripe plum. A complex impression finishes this supple wine.

Paul Hobbs Cabernet Napa Valley 2001

This vintage has an intense complexity of rich deep flavors. A gentle first impression of anise, mocha and juicy plum deepens on the palate with a strong current flavor. The lasting tannic after taste finishes this Paul Hobbs cabernet with a firm silky texture to complement the taste.

Paul Hobbs Cabernet Napa Valley 2000

This vintage has an opulent dark red and blue tone with a warm silky texture. On the nose the aromas of boysenberry and rich plum burst from the bottle with a subtle infusion of cedar to tease the senses. The sensuous flavors of juicy black currents and ripe plum combine with spicy red licorice and coffee to make this Paul Hobbs cabernet one to remember. This wine has a full silky finish with a mineral after taste.

Paul Hobbs Cabernet Napa Valley 1998

This unique blend features the earthy aromas of chocolate and black cherry with subtle undertones of graphite, sandalwood and tabacco. A warm dark cherry and licorice flavor melts onto the palate. An evenly balanced, structured wine with a silky flow.

Paul Hobbs Cabernet Napa Valley 1997

This vintage opens to the strong fragrance of dried herbs and cedar before releasing a note of green olive. The flavors of warm sage and dark cherry subtly mingle on the palate. A fine well balanced flowing wine with a distinctive sweetness.

Chateau Pavie-Decesse

Chateau Pavie-Decesse

The Chateau Pavie-Decesse is a small vineyard owned by Gerard Perse. Perse owns a number of vineyards most notably the larger mass of land that preceded the Chateau Pavie-Decesse the Cheteau Pavie. Perse purchased the small 9-hectare vineyard with his wife in 1997. Wines produced on the smaller vineyard that runs adjacent to the illustrious Chateau Pavie are renowned in there own right. Subtly graceful without being over bearing with traditional rich ripe flavors and a unique soft quality that lingers nicely on the palate.

Chateau Pavie-Decesse 2004

The 2004 vintage is a soft fine wine with a unique fresh aroma. A full rich texture is complemented by a black fruit flavor and a mineral aftertaste. A smooth velvety finish completes this wine.

Chateau Pavie-Decesse 2002

This bottle is light and fresh on the nose with black fruit, blackberry and cherry fragrances. An acidic taste washes onto the palate with warm flavors leaving a lasting impression. A distinctive undertone of new oak completes the vintage. This wine will mature with age and the fruit flavors will deepen.

Chateau Pavie-Decesse 2001

The 2001 vintage has a warm red glow and a deep raisin and prune aroma. The texture is chewy with a thick tannins and notes of prune and fig. The palate enjoys a smooth mulberry and prune flavor with an inky finish.

Chateau Pavie-Decesse 2000

This year’s wine is a rich intense vintage with a strong concentration and a big finish. Traditional cassis and black cherry aromas are off set by a thick full flavor and a deep dark coloring. A silky velvet texture completes this very heavy drop.

Chateau Pavie-Decesse 1999

This is a classic Pavie-Decesse vintage with an intense fresh fragrance of black cherries and a dark red tone. Warm hints of black fruit and tender new oak descend on the palate with an even smooth flow. The 99 bottle is an age worthy vintage that will deepen and intensify.

Chateau Pavie-Decesse 1998

This year’s vintage is a fine graceful drop with a warm red tone. An initial nose of new oak greets the senses with underlying sweet truffle and a touch of ginger. Warm and soft on the palate the flavors emerge gradually and leave a lingering sweetness.

Chateau Pavie-Decesse 1997

The 1997 bottle has a dark garnet hue with a shimmering pink rim. Essences of strawberries and red currants on the nose are complemented with soft fresh fruits, flavors of cassis and blackberry. A tangy thick consistency broadens with age and leaves warmth on the palate.

Chateau Pavie-Decesse 1995

This vintage has a warm ruby core with an intense deep and lingering aroma. The essence is of black currents and liquorice with a creamy new oak fragrance. Soft ripened plum flavors saturate the palate with full-bodied tannins. This bottle is a complex drop that is delicately finished with the sweet hint of black currant.


Rombauer Vineyards

Koerner and Joan Rombauer founded this classic Napa Valley vineyard in 1982. The vineyard overlooks the valley from a lush little hilltop estate. The property houses a multitude of caves that extend deep into the hillside and are ideal for the Rombauer’s aging wines.

The Rombauer’s philosophy is one of hard work and simple pleasures. Whether selling their wines to fine restaurants worldwide or enjoying a glass at their own table their love of wine is apparent. Rombauer wines are hand crafted and blended to perfection so that every drop is one the Rombauer’s can be proud of. They produce several varietals from grapes grown in the hillside vineyards including Rombauer’s Carneros Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

Rombauer Chardonnay 2004

The 2004 vintage is a classic Rombauer Chardonnay. Delicate fresh tastes of tropical fruits, pears and peaches and the creamy textures of apple and pears lingering on the palate. Ripe touches of citrus and warm oak finish this sumptuous wine with a refined elegance.

Rombauer Chardonnay 2003

This heavenly vintage is melded with layers of decadent fresh fruit aromas of peach and pear with a gentle tropical fruit and spicy undertone. The rich ripe fruit flavors open up into a long lingering taste that dances on the palate. A hint of vanilla warms the finish of this wine and adds to the tropical fruit zest.

Rombauer Chardonnay 2002

This Rombauer special is bursting with the rich and tantalizing traditional aroma of peach and apple. A delicious melding of mango, nectarine and spice complete the note with a summer fresh fragrance. The full crisp flavors of tropical fruit and rich oak vanilla balance this drop magnificently. The finish leaves a lasting light oak, fresh fruit and buttery impression.

Rombauer Chardonnay 2001

The full textured aromas of spice, mango and pineapple combine with the rich essence of ripe apples to give this wine a delicate note. Rich vanilla and earthy oak are the initial flavors with a light oak and buttery tone to linger on the palate.

Rombauer Chardonnay 2000

The 2000 vintage is a warm and deep wine with a full complexity of fruit flavors. A rich fresh taste of apples, pears and tropical fruits meld with gentle spice and sweet honeysuckle. The full-bodied creamy texture and flavor finishes with light oak, fresh fruit and a classic buttery note.

Rombauer Napa Valley Cabernet 2001

The 2001 cabernet combines the rich warm aromas of chocolate, cherries and cloves with the fresh fruit fragrance of black currents and violets. This is full ripe wine with dense fruit flavors. Black berry, plum, wild berry and currant burst onto the palate with a slight touch of spice to finish. This is a complex wine that will deepen with maturity and leave a lingering collection of flavors on the palate.

Rombauer Napa Valley Cabernet 2000

The deep rich aromas of chocolate and cloves melded delicately with cherries, currants and violet define the fragrance of this warm and sensuous wine. On the palate a hint of spice, blackberry essence and juicy plum combine with long tannins and toasty light oak. This vintage is beautifully finished with a silky texture that complements the rich fruit flavors nicely.

Rombauer Napa Valley Cabernet 1999

This vintage has a wonderfully warm and rich aroma with a sensational depth of flavor. The note is a tasty blending of caramel, cedar, coffee and cloves. The flavor is a delicate melding of oak, plum, blackberry and spice. A deliciously complex and age worthy wine.

Rombauer Napa Valley Cabernet 1998

The 1998 Rombauer cabernet is infused with the rich aromas of cocoa, black cherries and toasty oak with a subtle hint of warm spice. The wines ripe and full flavors of black cherries, cassis and plums are finished divinely by a sweet vanilla essence.

Rombauer Napa Valley Cabernet 1997

The dominant aromas of nutmeg and oak with traditional dark fruits to complement the fragrance define this Rombauer cabernet. The beautifully combined flavors of sweet black cherries and currants are finished with a hint of vanilla.

Cos d'Estournel

Cos D’Estournel Cabernet

Cos D’Estournel is regarded as one of the finest wines to come out of the Saint Estèphe region. The Chateau itself is a beautifully constructed estate with a striking ambiance. Set amongst rolling gardens, the winery is a distinctive architectural creation that captures the imagination of all that visit the estate. The vast vineyards of the chateau have produced grapes for winemaking since the mid 18th century. The winery was established in 1885. The estate cabernet has a powerful depth and structure and soft ripe tannins. It is an age worthy wine with a full-bodied texture and a classic bouquet of cassis, berries and cedar. The underlying essences of tabacco and vanilla finish the wine.

Cos D’Estournel Cabernet 2004

The 2004 vintage is a classic cabernet with a subtle floral underdone scent of violets and hedgerow. A soft fine texture on the palate and strong structure. The ripe vibrant flavors of cassis and black fruits finish this full-bodied wine.

Cos D’Estournel Cabernet 2003

The 2003 vintage is a deep and pure Cos D’Estournel cabernet. A dark purple color and a balanced fresh texture define this vintage. A ripe blackcherry note with black fruit flavors combine within this full-bodied sweet wine. This is an extravagant blend that will age graciously.

Cos D’Estournel Cabernet 2002

This vintage is distinctive and bold leaving a lasting impression on the palate and a depth of aroma. The fragrant essences of black fruits and vanilla oak dominate the nose with a subtle hint of espresso to complete. The flavor is full ripe black currant with an underlying new oak and tannins. The 2002 vintage has a soft complexity with a fine finish and a moderate concentration.

Cos D’Estournel Cabernet 2001

The 2001 vintage has a complexity in aroma and a well-balanced finish. The consistent flavors of this year are cherry, cinnamon and sand off set against the distinct tastes of iodine, expresso and truffle. This is an age worthy vintage that while full bodied and flavor rich in youth will develop nicely with age.

Cos D’Estournel Cabernet 2000

This year’s bottle is a fine dry wine with a dull aroma. It has a moderate depth with spicy notes and an earthly peppery flavor. Will deepen with age and is not fully matured in youth.

Cos D’Estournel Cabernet 1999

The 1999 Cabernet is a distinctive and unique medium bodied blend. An earthly note of roasted herbs and a deep coloring is combined with long finish and exotic dark fruit flavors. Will deepen with age.

Cos D’Estournel Cabernet 1998

This Cos D’Estournel Cabernet has a dry aroma of wood with subtle fruity undertones. An underlying mix of tabacco and green pepper also adds depth to this vintage. Moderate length and supple texture leave warmth on the palate.

Cos D’Estournel Cabernet 1997

The warm ripe flavors of black fruits and subtle underlying tones of oak and vanilla are melded nicely in this 1997 vintage cabernet. A thick full tannins and a sweet flavor and finish define this wine. Will grow with age into a deep and full wine with a strong aroma.

Cos D’Estournel Cabernet 1996

The 1996 vintage is a large forward wine with dense structure and a full flavored aroma. Infused with rich spicy fruits and roasted dark coffee with a mineral impression. A youthful flavor will continue to mature into a classic cabernet from Cos D’Estournel. This wine is delicately finished with an earth oak note.

Cos D’Estournel Cabernet 1995

A fine year for the Cos D’Estournel cabernet. This vintage is vibrant with dusty earth aroma’s that evolve into light notes of sweet cherry, raspberries and violets complete with a dense burnt toast aroma. The 95 vintage combines a deep concentration with a balanced fresh finish. This complex wine combines a breeze of sea salt and oyster shells with dark chocolate to finish.

Heitz Cellars

Heitz Cellars

Joe and Alice Heitz founded Heitz cellars in 1961 after they purchased land along the St Helena highway in Napa Valley. Their business quickly outgrew the original property and so they expanded and purchased the current 160-acre site. This site was previously a winery and vineyard in operation in the 1880s. Joe and Alice remained dedicated to creating the finest quality wine and the Heitz cellars grew a further 350 acres.

Heitz Martha’s Vineyard Cabernet 2000

A distinctive cherry aroma with a fresh mint scent defines this unique Heitz vintage. It has a silky depth and a delicate balanced structure. This vintage is a unique blend that can be enjoyed young or with a little age.

Heitz Martha’s Vineyard Cabernet 1999

The 99 cabernet is a stunning vintage with a resplendent aromatic flavor. The ripe berry and plum essence is off set by a subtle mint taste. The vintage is rich full and smooth on the palate with a lingering sensation. This deeply dark wine leaves a long and lasting impression.

Heitz Martha’s Vineyard Cabernet 1998

A definitive mint aroma that blends well with the ripe and rich briary flavor announces this vintage. A bright effervescent tone and a soft lingering finish define the bottle. This is a complex year with a moderate impact on the palate. An exquisitely fine light tasting wine.

Heitz Martha’s Vineyard Cabernet 1997

This is commemorative bottle produced 3 times since its first vintage year in 1974. It is a simple divine wine with a multi-layered abundance of fresh fruit flavors and a strong lasting aroma. The scent whilst young is delicate and subtle but with maturity it presents a grace and elegance. The sweet flavors of ripe cherry and traditional mint combine to leave a lasting effect on the senses.

Heitz Martha’s Vineyard Cabernet 1996

This vintage was the first produced after phyloxera closed the vineyard down. The 96 vintage is the result of the replanting. This vintage has a rich dark earthly tone and a traditional Martha’s Vineyard flavor and aroma. The strong ripe cherry is complemented by the fresh mint flavor. This is a well-balanced enticing cabernet with a long finish.

Heitz Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 2001

The 2001 bottle is a graceful ripe vintage from the Napa Valley estate. This bottle is a highly concentrated and classically flavored Heitz special. With the rich and ripe flavor of black fruit and underlying oak this vintage has a full texture and a distinctive bright coloring. A complex wine with the strong bouquet of cassis and blackcurrant.

Heitz Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 2000

The 2000 Napa Valley vintage is a classic soft wine with a strong yet elegant full flavor. Ripe tannins and oak balance the rich fruit flavor. A silky texture on the palate and lasting taste define this Heitz cabernet. Rich and full bodied this vintage is age worthy and will leave a lasting impression.

Heitz Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 1999

This year’s Napa Valley vintage is a strong delightful wine with a deep spicy bouquet and a distinctive richness in flavor and texture. A superb depth gives this wine a long lasting age worthy complexity. Rich in the full flavors of traditional varietal black fruits with solid tannins to give it significant longevity. A bright vibrant shine and exquisite taste complete the 1999 vintage.

Heitz Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 1998

This bottle has a rich fruit aroma thick with the sensual fragrance of ripe boysenberries and plums. A subtle note of oak and spice off set the fruit aromas beautifully with a strong finish to complete this complex vintage.

Heitz Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 1997

1997 produced an outstanding Napa Valley vintage and this Heitz cabernet is no exception. A rich balance of ripe fruit flavors with soft silk texture. This bottle is a lovely youthful wine with balance and depth that will stand the test of time and age gracefully.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Shafer Vineyards

Shafer Wines

The Napa valley Shafer vineyards were founded in 1972 when John Shafer came to Napa valley and purchased the estate. The 210-acre estate and vineyards dated back to the 1920s so there was a lot of work to be done. After replanting the vineyards the Shafer family had to negotiate the rocky hillside land to build their winery. The winery was built in 1979 and the Shafer label was born. Shafers is best known for its award winning cabernet.

Shafer Hillside Select Cabernet 2001

The 2001 vintage is a special blend that combines traditional Shafers flavors with a unique sweet balance. The concentrated aroma of black currant and the flavor of minerals, tabacco and herbs are off set by an intense fruity sweetness. The flavor is infused with a dark chocolate, vanilla and spice finish. A smooth texture and lasting taste define this Shafers special.

Shafer Hillside Select Cabernet 2000

An intensely aromatic vintage with a fresh black fruit, pepper, mineral and spicy sweet vanilla fragrances. A deep purple glowing tone and a notable sweetness are finished off with a chocolate sensation.

Shafer Hillside Select Cabernet 1999

The 1999 Hillside Select is rich in fruit flavors with a light touch of tabacco, herb and mineral. An intense sweetness is coupled with the berry flavors with a full-bodied chocolate finish. A powerful bouquet and a dark red tone complete this vintage.

Shafer Hillside Select Cabernet 1998

The 98 cabernet is a traditional Hillside vintage with a depth and richness in both tone and taste. A delicious fruit flavor with the aromatic essence of currants, mineral and vanilla. A long finish with a full flavor and a velvet texture.

Shafer Hillside Select Cabernet 1997

This vintage melds a tantalizing assortment of taste and bouquet to perfection producing a fine Shafer cabernet. A lavish sweet mixture of black currents, cherries and plums exude from the bottle with a fine resonating aroma of mineral, toast and smoke. Dark deep tones define this intense, full-bodied cabernet with a well-balanced smooth and powerful finish.

Shafer Hillside Select Cabernet 1996

The 96 vintage is an intense age worthy cabernet. Bursting with rich black fruit flavors and a deep striking tone it is a Shafer special. Its strong aroma is matched by its depth and purity and is accompanied by a long lasting finish. Dark fruits and dusty oak flavors complete this vintage.

Shafer Hillside Select Cabernet 1995

The 95 Select is a fine production that posseses a flavorsome intensity and a deep sensual tone. It has a velvety thickness to it and will gain further density with age. A melding of dark plum and cherry aromas with a warm mixture of black fruit flavors leaves a lasting impression on the palate. A full-bodied age worthy wine.

Shafer Hillside Select Cabernet 1994

This vintage is a particularly ripe and lavish combination, defined by its elegance and delightful finish. A unique lead aroma and subtle underlying scents and flavors of cassis, cedar, minerals and spice accompany the deep ruby tones. A smooth full bodied drop, with a rich texture and a long finish.

Shafer Hillside Select Cabernet 1993

A complete mature wine with a bright red tone and a unique oak, plum, earth and mineral aroma. This vintage has a depth in texture and in finish.

Shafer Hillside Select Cabernet 1992

The 92 vintage is a strong intense wine with a unique color and a compelling aroma. The predominant flavors are traditional plum and black berry with a ripe fruit sensation on the palate. A long finish with a distinct refined taste.

Shafer Hillside Select Cabernet 1991

This year’s vintage possesses an even dark tone and a strong bouquet of herb and cedar. The flavors are ripe and fresh combining the natural essence of black fruits. A complex wine with a subtle finish and a rich aroma.

Plumpjack Estate

Plumpjack Estate Cabernet

What is now known as the Plumpjack vineyard has been nestled in the mountains of Napa valley since the late 1800s when it was founded. The vineyard has been producing grapes since 1881 and the winery was built in 1883. In 1973 the current winery was established and in the proud winemaking traditions of its former owners the Plumpjack estate winery continues to produce top quality cabernet.

Oakville cabernet is historically famous and the Plumpjack winery is no exception. The principal wine is the Plumpjack cabernet sauvignon that has earned an impressive reputation as a fine Napa Valley wine.

Plumpjack Estate Cabernet 2002

A strong aromatic and full flavored vintage the 2002 estate cabernet possess an intense primary bouquet made up of black cherry, ripe plums, juicy currants and delicious roast coffee. These divine aromas are off set against the scents of blackberries, rich chocolate and melted liquorice. This wine is sweet on the palate with a sensuous mix of plums, chocolate and cedar. A long, complex and age worthy vintage.

Plumpjack Estate Cabernet 2001

The 2001 vintage is especially elegant and deliciously combines a multitude of flavors. The warm ruby tones are complemented with the gentle aromas of black berry, black cherry, vanilla, roast coffee and a dazzling hint of rosemary. The flavor is infused with chocolate, black berry, tantalizing black tea, cardamom and kirsch. This Plumpjack special is an exotic tasting smooth vintage that will continue to deepen with age.

Plumpjack Estate Cabernet 2000

The 2000 Plumpjack estate is classically constructed cabernet with a unique twist on the bouquet. Aromas of fennel, star anise and violets blend deliciously with the scents of dried sweet herbs and black bing cherry. The tone is bright and the flavors are a mixture of sweet black fruit, spices and cedar. The finish leaves a chocolate and vanilla essence on the palate.

Plumpjack Estate Cabernet 1999

This vintage is complex with a melding of unique flavors and traditional aromas. The warm perfume of violets blends with middle-eastern olives, cassis and star anise. Notes of rich bing cherries, sweet spice and violets are complemented by a dark chocolate, hazelnut and orange peel flavor.

Plumpjack Estate Cabernet 1998

The 98 cabernet has a lingering complex finish with a warm array of delicate flavors. The aromas of sweet spice, bittersweet chocolate, vanilla, mint, black cherries and sweet smoke fill this intricate vintage. The flavors explode and meld a unique blend of nutmeg, black cherries, ripe raspberries, bittersweet chocolate and coffee with a light subtle oak essence.

Plumpjack Estate Cabernet 1997

This Californian vintage combines the warm aroma of sweet spice, vanilla and mint with the more sensual scents of bittersweet chocolate, a touch of sweet smoke and a dusting of black bing cherries. This exquisite complex and flavorsome wine leaves the palate warm with the taste of bitter-sweet chocolate, black bing cherries, vanilla extracts and boysenberry jam as well as a tantalizing touch of clove, nutmeg and mint. This rich combination is finished with roasted coffee and lightly toasted oak.

Plumpjack Estate Cabernet 1996

Rich and ripe briary berries are coupled with a traditional oak and a dusty taste to complete this fine vintage. The fundamental notes of black cherry and cassis combine with the soft warm tone to create a long velvety and age worthy wine.

Plumpjack Estate Cabernet 1995

A classic vintage made with the traditional flavors of black cherry and cassis. The 95 vintage is a ripe and rich tasting wine with a full flavored vibrant taste. This is an age worthy long wine with the subtle undertones of oak and briary berries.

Jordan Winery


The Jordan estate winery was constructed in 1976. The vision for this beautiful French classic was inspired by a collection of 18th Century French chateaux. Tom Jordan came to Californian in the early 70s and quickly saw potential in the lush acres of land that was the Alexander valley. He brought the land and converted it into the Jordan estate winery and vineyards.

Jordan’s philosophy when it came to winemaking was a melding of art and nature, his instincts served him well and with the estate landscape designed to perfection a highly successful winery was born.

Jordan Estate Cabernet 2001

The 2001 vintage is deeply colored and carries a rich aroma. Infused with the scents of black berries, currents and chocolate its tastes are similar of black berry and raspberry with a hint of tabacco and oak to finish. A smooth lush wine with a rich earthy quality.

Jordan Estate Cabernet 2000

The 2000 vintage is warm in color and has an aromatic intensity. Delicious scents of currents, black fruit and cassis with a subtle chocolate aroma define this Jordan estate cabernet. The flavor is a melding of black berry and raspberry, bing cherry and cassis. This is a lush multi-layered wine with a rich texture and an oak undertone.

Jordan Estate Cabernet 1999

The 1999 vintage is an age worthy wine with lingering flavors and aromas of cassis, black berry and cedar. This lush rich tasting wine blends a subtle infusion of coffee and a sweet hint of vanilla. Like all Jordan Estate cabernets of this era it possesses a warm rich color and a velvety depth.

Jordan Estate Cabernet 1998

The 1998 Cabernet Sauvignon is a rich ripe flavored wine with strong fruit essences of cassis, black cherry, black berry and plum. Subtle spice, oak and vanilla flavorings complement the black fruit taste. It is a soft textured wine with an intensity of both flavor and bouquet.

Jordan Estate Cabernet 1997

The 1997 vintage is a strong flavored full bodied, multi-layered wine. Its fruit flavors of cassis, black cherry and black berry are complemented by sweet leather under tone and a note of cedar. The wine is finished with a touch of vanilla and traditional oak.

Jordan Estate Cabernet 1996

Rich in texture with a bouquet of tabacco and leather this 1996 vintage has a soft warm color and a traditional Jordan Estate taste. Flavors of plum, black cherry and cassis are finished off with the warm taste of oak and vanilla.

Jordan Estate Cabernet 1995

The 1995 vintage cabernet is a full-bodied thick flowing wine. Its warm tones are infused with cassis, plum and black fruit. The bouquet is fresh herb and finished with oak and vanilla. This is a complex multi-layered vintage.

Jordan Estate Cabernet 1994

A long harvest produced this textured complex vintage. Traditional black fruit and cassis flavors off set by a vanilla and oak finish. A bouquet of fresh herbs complements the black berry and plum taste.

Jordan Estate Cabernet 1993

A richly textured Jordan Estate special came from 1993 harvest. The consistent ripe flavors of black cherry, black berry, cassis and plum are melded with spicy red current. The fresh scent of herbs and a woody oak are finished with a soft vanilla touch.

Jordan Estate Cabernet 1992

This vintage presents an impressive combination of fruit, bouquet and richly textured body. The deep velvet red tones are complemented with a subtle earthy and fresh herb scent. To balance this is the fresh fruit aroma of cassis and dark black cherry. A note of pepper and all spice meld with traditional oak and finish of the black tea and fruit flavors.

Jordan Estate Cabernet 1991

An elegant balanced vintage with a resplendent garnet coloring. This fine wine blends fruit essences of cassis and black cherry with a lingering aroma of spice, black currant, French oak and cedar. This full-bodied vintage leaves a lasting impression with intriguing fruit flavors melding with a hint of nutmeg, clove and earthy tastes.

Cakebread Cellars

Cakebread Cellars

In early 70s Jack Cakebread traveled to Napa Valley to photograph the landscape for a book. While in Napa he expressed his interest in the winery business and in owning a vineyard. Within days, family friends offered to sell their Napa Valley property to Jack. This was the birth of Cakebread Cellars.

Cakebread cellars first vintage was sold in 1973, 157 cases of Cakebread Chardonnay to a local wine wholesaler. Once this unique Californian wine hit the markets there was no looking back. Over 3 decades later Cakebread cellars still holds traditional family values and dedication to quality as their fundamental assets.

Cakebread Cellars Chardonnay 2004

A warm late winter and a mild spring led to an early harvest. The harvest while smaller than usual produced a grape with depth and intensity. The rich fruit flavors of apple and pear combine with baking bread spice and crusty oak aromas.

Cakebread Cellars Cabernet 2001

A climatic year that saw extreme divergent weather patterns influence growth in the Napa wine country. These patterns produced a full fresh fruit combination vintage with the sweet deep tasting black cherry and current flavors melding with earthy oak and a vanilla scent.

Cakebread Cellars Chardonnay 2003

An unpredictable season with a series of heat spells early on followed by a cold wet cycle. Late in the season perfect moderate conditions were conducive of a fully ripe and mature harvest. This vintage delivers the summer fresh fruit aromas of apple and pear as well as a mixture of guava and banana. The spicy oak flavor combines well with the full consistent texture.

Cakebread Cellars Cabernet 2000

The 2000 cabernet vintage was grown in cool but mild conditions that evened out into a warm summer allowing the grapes to grow to full maturity. The warm aromas of black cherry and current complement the oak and plum taste. This is a rich and elegant Cakebread vintage.

Cakebread Cellars Chardonnay 2002

A mild and consistent season with a few minor spikes prior to harvest produced a full-bodied grape with a distinctive ripe and mature flavor. A divine mix of peach and tropical fruit blended deliciously with vanilla cream to complement the fresh apple aroma. The 2002 vintage produced a supple, deep and fruity wine.

Cakebread Cellars Cabernet 1999

A long and cool growing year produced a fine vintage with a combination of full flavor and subtle aroma. The perfume of blackberry fruits and oak mingle to lovely effect with a smooth texture and spicy licorice and pepper taste.

Cakebread Chardonnay 2001

A dry winter, cool spring and a warm summer saw that the 2001 vintage harvest hang for an extended period. This produced a lavish lingering apple finish with the aroma of pear and vanilla and the warm taste of toasty oak.

Cakebread Cellars Cabernet 1998

The 98 vintage is a rich dark wine with a spicy cedar scent and a subtle chocolate aroma. A charming balance of black fruit and oak spice with a smooth velvet consistency.

Cakebread Chardonnay 2000

The 2000 vintage grew in hot and humid weather conditions. It has a golden glimmer and resonating apple and apricot aroma. It also has a flinty taste and a hint of subtle vanilla. The 2000 vintage is crisp and fruity with a depth and intensity.

Cakebread Cabernet 1997

A light garnet coloring sets this vintage apart from other years. It soft color combines with its dry spicy aromas and cedar scents. The flavor is rich black current and berries with cassis. A true taste sensation with depth and texture.