Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Chateau Leoville las Cases

Leoville las Cases

The Chateau Leoville las Cases is the northern most vineyard of the famous Saint Julien properties. The name came from the Lac Cases family who owned the property throughout the 1800s. In 1900 it was sold and divided. Over the next 30 years the general manger of the vineyard Théophile Skawinski reassembled the property and reestablished the vineyards he then passed on his majority share to his son in law whose family owns the estate today.

The vineyard has a long and proud winemaking history, producing quality classic cabernets for over a hundred years. All the grapes are hand pick from the vineyards 97 hectares and crafted with excellence and tradition in mind.

Chateau Léoville Las-Cases 2004

An impressive vintage the 2004 bottle is dark and deep will a full body of flavor. The aromas of blackberry and ripe citrus fruit greet the senses before softening on the palate with a mineral after taste. Ripe black fruit flavors dominate.

Chateau Léoville Las-Cases 2002

The 2002 bottle has a tight nose that reveals warm herbal tones. This is a heavy chewy drop with layers of fruit cascading onto the palate. This is a full-bodied textured wine that will deepen with maturity.

Chateau Léoville Las-Cases 2001

This year’s vintage has a shimmering tone and a delicate nose of black currant and cassis, a warm vanilla aroma is revealed upon deepening. This wine has a heavy concentration and a layer of oak. A refined classic wine that saturates the palate and the nose graciously.

Chateau Léoville Las-Cases 2000

The 2000 vintage has a soft nose of black fruits and cassis closing with dark warm chocolate notes. Mineral hints and cigar feature in the bouquet. A sweet currant flavor with a heavy concentration and texture complete this wine nicely.

Chateau Léoville Las-Cases 1999

This is a very dense wine with a strong black fruit and violet essence on the nose. This wine has a sweet floral aroma that descends into a spicy tannic taste. Mineral undertones finish the bottle with a nice balance and a lingering impression.

Chateau Léoville Las-Cases 1998

The 1998 vintage possess a warm opaque tone with a mineral nose. Layers of iodine and cigar notes are off set by ripe tannins and liquorice. This wine has a fine toasty oak finish and will deepen with maturity.

Chateau Léoville Las-Cases 1997

The first impression is a sweet cassis and lead note. Opens nicely on the palate with warmth and ripeness and fine tannins. Thick dark fruit flavors finish the wine with a heavy concentration defining the flavors.

Chateau Léoville Las-Cases 1996

A very dark purple tone begins this wine with the traditional aromas of black fruit and cassis melding with roasted herb and tabacco. The palate is supple and light with blueberry and cassis notes lingering nicely. This is an age worthy bottle with length and depth that will exquisitely.

Chateau Léoville Las-Cases 1994

This is an invigorating vintage, with classic Las-Cases style and a unique twist. This wine invites the senses with a soft fresh mint nose and a warm blueberry and cassis palate. The bottle possesses a sweetness and flow that is finished with a citrus orange essence.

Chateau Léoville Las-Cases 1993

This vintage possesses a warm ruby tone with a gradual release of cassis and mineral aromas. The bottle has a fine depth and balance with layers of ripe dark fruit flavors and a warm lingering finish.