Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Chateau Montrose

Chateau Montrose

The Chateau Montrose is a fairly young estate compared with its Saint Estephe neighbors. At the turn of the 19th century the area had been growing grapes and producing wines for centuries. Montrose in contrast was an overgrown srub land. Wine maker and estate owner Etienne Théodore Dumoulin saw the potential in the land for growing grapes. The first vines were planted at the Chateau Montrose in 1815. The first wines crafted from the Montrose grapes were called Montrose-Ségur.
In the 1860s Domoulin died and the estate passed into the hands of Louis Victor Charmolüe, the vineyard has been in his family ever since.

Chateau Montrose 2004

This year’s vintage is a subtle smooth wine with a soft texture. The aromas are smoky with oak and black fruit layers and a green pepper note. The ripe fruit flavors and warm finish define this wine.

Chateau Montrose 2002

This bottle has a dark inky tone and a sweet intense nose. A harmony of black fruits greet the sense and concentrate on the palate. This is a full fresh wine with traditional tones of fruit and oak layering the mouth. This bottle has a heavy texture and a long finish.

Chateau Montrose 2001

The 2001 vintage is tight on the nose; it has a warm opulent tone and a concentrated flavor. Heavy strong and dense fragrances of black fruit and black berry continue to deepen on the palate. A distinctive black fruit after taste lingers.

Chateau Montrose 2000

This is a very deep and serious wine with a garnet ruby tone. The aromas of black fruit and earthy berries yield to a warm ripe flavor on the palate. This wine has a very concentrated flavor with a heavy textured finish. This is a smooth drop with an acidic mineral aftertaste and a long flowing finish.

Chateau Montrose 1999

The 1999 bottle is warm sweet and feminine. Defined by a solid concentration of black fruit and heavy tannins this bottle delicately unfolds onto the palate. Its high density saturates the mouth with ripe fruit flavors of black berry and cassis. Finishes with an earthy oak undertone and a lingering smoke.

Chateau Montrose 1998

This vintage possesses a deep coloring and a dusting of black fruit and soot notes. The aromas ignite into a dried prune fragrance with an earthy undertone. On the palate the wine fruit concentration is strong with a chocolate flavor infusing a warmth and sensuality into the bottle. This is an age worthy wine that will deepen and strengthen with maturity.

Chateau Montrose 1997

This wine possess a firm structure and a deep-set nose. The fruit taste and aroma is soft and the tone is warm at the core with a pink rim. A long and layered wine with a complex cassis and oak finish.

Chateau Montrose 1996

The 96 vintage is a dark ruby color and possess a complex nose overflowing with heavy juicy fruits. A ripe and firm wine with textured spice, roasted herbs and chocolate notes. On the palate this wine flows with elegance and a rich complex melding of black fruits, cigar-box and expresso to taste. This wine has a long velvety finish.

Chateau Montrose 1995

This bottle has vibrant warmth in tone and a supple cranberry, black berry and cassis bouquet. A touch of plum and raspberry is revealed in the bottle and it cascades lightly across the palate. The flavors are a delightful melding of black fruits, leather and dark chocolate with a supple tannins, cedar and oak finish.
A tobacco and leather after taste linger on the palate.

Chateau Montrose 1994

The 94 vintage has a warm ruby tone with a smoky fruit and lead nose. A smooth flowing wine fills the palate with a firm tannins, tabacco, blackberry and sooty notes. This is a distinctly savory wine that will mature nicely.

Chateau Montrose 1993

This year’s bottle is a classic Montrose vintage. A dry woody oak nose with notes of black fruit and cassis warming the fragrance and sliding onto the palate. A black fruit and tar flavor dominate the taste with an oak and cedar finish. Delightful to drink young.