Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Paul Hobbs

Paul Hobbs

The Hobbs family grew wine grapes on their New York farm in the late 1960’s. This is where Paul Hobbs was first aquatinted with the business of winemaking. He took an instant shine to it and his father put him in charge of the operation. This early beginning planted the seeds for Paul and in 1991 he founded the Paul Hobbs Winery in Sonoma Valley California. From those beginnings Paul Hobbs wines grew in reputation and his vineyards in mass.

Renowned for his worldly knowledge and his extensive experience he is noted as one of the most important wine makers in California. Paul Hobbs wines varietals include award winning chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon and merlot.

Paul Hobbs Chardonnay Sonoma Mountain 2002

The 2002 vintage is a mature drop with the traditional flavors of a Paul Hobbs special. The crisp apple aroma offset with almond, toast and an infusing of baking pastry dough. Warm yellow golden tones and a creamy finish on the palate define this apple and cream flavored wine.

Paul Hobbs Chardonnay Sonoma Mountain 2001

The 2001 vintage from Sonoma mountain has a warm apple, toast and almond aroma with a hint of fluffy pastry dough. The tone is golden crisp and the texture slides like silk onto the palate. The deep creamy flavors of apple and crème brulee leave a divine lingering finish

Paul Hobbs Chardonnay Sonoma Mountain 1999

This fine vintage has a soft golden tone with a subtle shine. The fresh aroma’s of maderine; peach and orange peel combine with a touch a vanilla. This silky golden wine is infused with the crisp taste of red and green apples, juicy ripe peach and succulent apricot.

Paul Hobbs Chardonnay Sonoma Mountain 1998

A bright effervescent tone and a rich texture combine in this wine delightfully. The distinctive vanilla aroma warms with sweet spices, fig and toasty oak. A gentle underlying note of peach and orange peel captures the senses. To taste the wine is full of fresh fruit flavors and a supple richness that lingers on the palate.

Paul Hobbs Chardonnay Sonoma Mountain 1997

This vintage has the distinctive aroma of fig and citrus with apple and pear fragrances defining the bouquet. A light straw tone and a melding of full fresh flavors make this a stunning drop. The smooth taste of vanilla bean and light toasty oak with an infusion of underlying mineral complete the taste. A long finish and a velvety texture endure on the palate.

Paul Hobbs Cabernet Napa Valley 2002

This 2002 cabernet possesses a wonderfully rich velvety texture and a deep concentration of dark fruit aromas. On the palate this vintage begins with a strong layered infusion of cassis and licorice tabacco leaf. This is further complemented by a concentration of black cherry, currant and juicy ripe plum. A complex impression finishes this supple wine.

Paul Hobbs Cabernet Napa Valley 2001

This vintage has an intense complexity of rich deep flavors. A gentle first impression of anise, mocha and juicy plum deepens on the palate with a strong current flavor. The lasting tannic after taste finishes this Paul Hobbs cabernet with a firm silky texture to complement the taste.

Paul Hobbs Cabernet Napa Valley 2000

This vintage has an opulent dark red and blue tone with a warm silky texture. On the nose the aromas of boysenberry and rich plum burst from the bottle with a subtle infusion of cedar to tease the senses. The sensuous flavors of juicy black currents and ripe plum combine with spicy red licorice and coffee to make this Paul Hobbs cabernet one to remember. This wine has a full silky finish with a mineral after taste.

Paul Hobbs Cabernet Napa Valley 1998

This unique blend features the earthy aromas of chocolate and black cherry with subtle undertones of graphite, sandalwood and tabacco. A warm dark cherry and licorice flavor melts onto the palate. An evenly balanced, structured wine with a silky flow.

Paul Hobbs Cabernet Napa Valley 1997

This vintage opens to the strong fragrance of dried herbs and cedar before releasing a note of green olive. The flavors of warm sage and dark cherry subtly mingle on the palate. A fine well balanced flowing wine with a distinctive sweetness.