Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Sine Quo Non

Sine Qua Non Wines

SQN are unique and distinctive cult wines produced by Manfred Krankl. Founded in 1993 SQN began producing wines for a Las Angeles restaurant owned by Manfred and his wife Elaine. In 1994 they released their first label the Sin Qua Non Queen of Spades, the wine was made in a Las Angeles warehouse.

The label took off with its daring, bold blends and in 2001 Elaine and Manfred purchased and planted their own vineyard in Santa Ynez Valley.

Sine Qua Non Pinot Noir Hollerin' M Shea Vineyard 2002

This vintage has an opulent dark red tone with lavender purple traces at the rim. The bottle opens up to a floral aroma with underlying cinnamon notes. On the palate a velvet finish complements the ripe taste of sweet black cherry.

Sine Qua Non Incognito 2000

This bottle has a warm soft ruby glow with a deepening at the edges. The nose is a dynamic melding of plum and cherry with a hint of herb. The wine flows softly onto the palate with a full velvet body and a distinctive cola and plum taste. The flavors deepen further with layers of raspberry and a soft caramel essence. The finish is warm and full leaving a lasting impression.

Sine Qua Non Veiled Pinot Noir 1998

This SQN wine has a bouquet of earth and wet leaves with a black cherry undertone and subtle hint of warm spice. On the palate the wine overflows with notes of spice, cinnamon and nutmeg. This is a fine well-structured wine that will mature nicely.

Sine Qua Non E-Raised Cabernet 1998

This wine is a strong and powerful vintage with a heavy concentration of fruit. The aromas of plum, currants, red and black berries dominate the bouquet and extended warmly onto the palate. This wine has opulence in tone and a supple texture.

Sine Qua Non Twisted and Bent 1997

Like all SQN blends this bottle is unique in taste and texture with a lively pear and melon fragrance that is further defined on the mouth. Floral notes and a subtle seaweed aroma combine with an oak and straw finish. This wine has a smooth flowing texture with a charred after taste.

Sine Qua Non Imposter McCoy 1997

This vintage has a dark plum coloring and a vibrant lively bouquet. The wine opens up to a heavy hit of oak and an underlying floral fragrance. Plum, cherry and rhubarb aromas dominate with a delightful berry flavor the feature of this bottle.

Sine Qua Non Omadhaum & Poltroon Alban Vineyard 1996

This is a unique and elegant wine with the fragrance of matchsticks and fresh juicy pears. The bouquet fulfills its promise on the palate with the fruit flavors developing further. This is a rich wine with a high concentration of fruit.

Sine Qua Non Against the Wall 1996

This 1996 SQA bottle has a heavy dark bouquet of plum and tar with a dusting of oak. This is a full-bodied rich wine with plum and dark berry flavors and a distinctive bite to it. The fruit undertones wash over the palate and leave subtle tannins to finish.

Sine Qua Non The Other Hand 1995

This year’s vintage has the rough aroma of stone and mineral with a dark red tone. The wine possess a slight oak aroma with infusions of deep purple plum, dark berries and tar. On the palate the fragrances evolve and leave a lasting impression.

Sine Qua Non Queen of Spades 1994

This bottle has a dark inky ruby tone with an interesting array of aromas. The bottle reveals grilled meat and burning rubber aroma upon opening. The flavors pour onto the palate with rich berries and plum, coffee and a trace of herb.