Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Chateau Pavie-Decesse

Chateau Pavie-Decesse

The Chateau Pavie-Decesse is a small vineyard owned by Gerard Perse. Perse owns a number of vineyards most notably the larger mass of land that preceded the Chateau Pavie-Decesse the Cheteau Pavie. Perse purchased the small 9-hectare vineyard with his wife in 1997. Wines produced on the smaller vineyard that runs adjacent to the illustrious Chateau Pavie are renowned in there own right. Subtly graceful without being over bearing with traditional rich ripe flavors and a unique soft quality that lingers nicely on the palate.

Chateau Pavie-Decesse 2004

The 2004 vintage is a soft fine wine with a unique fresh aroma. A full rich texture is complemented by a black fruit flavor and a mineral aftertaste. A smooth velvety finish completes this wine.

Chateau Pavie-Decesse 2002

This bottle is light and fresh on the nose with black fruit, blackberry and cherry fragrances. An acidic taste washes onto the palate with warm flavors leaving a lasting impression. A distinctive undertone of new oak completes the vintage. This wine will mature with age and the fruit flavors will deepen.

Chateau Pavie-Decesse 2001

The 2001 vintage has a warm red glow and a deep raisin and prune aroma. The texture is chewy with a thick tannins and notes of prune and fig. The palate enjoys a smooth mulberry and prune flavor with an inky finish.

Chateau Pavie-Decesse 2000

This year’s wine is a rich intense vintage with a strong concentration and a big finish. Traditional cassis and black cherry aromas are off set by a thick full flavor and a deep dark coloring. A silky velvet texture completes this very heavy drop.

Chateau Pavie-Decesse 1999

This is a classic Pavie-Decesse vintage with an intense fresh fragrance of black cherries and a dark red tone. Warm hints of black fruit and tender new oak descend on the palate with an even smooth flow. The 99 bottle is an age worthy vintage that will deepen and intensify.

Chateau Pavie-Decesse 1998

This year’s vintage is a fine graceful drop with a warm red tone. An initial nose of new oak greets the senses with underlying sweet truffle and a touch of ginger. Warm and soft on the palate the flavors emerge gradually and leave a lingering sweetness.

Chateau Pavie-Decesse 1997

The 1997 bottle has a dark garnet hue with a shimmering pink rim. Essences of strawberries and red currants on the nose are complemented with soft fresh fruits, flavors of cassis and blackberry. A tangy thick consistency broadens with age and leaves warmth on the palate.

Chateau Pavie-Decesse 1995

This vintage has a warm ruby core with an intense deep and lingering aroma. The essence is of black currents and liquorice with a creamy new oak fragrance. Soft ripened plum flavors saturate the palate with full-bodied tannins. This bottle is a complex drop that is delicately finished with the sweet hint of black currant.