Thursday, November 17, 2005

Jordan Winery


The Jordan estate winery was constructed in 1976. The vision for this beautiful French classic was inspired by a collection of 18th Century French chateaux. Tom Jordan came to Californian in the early 70s and quickly saw potential in the lush acres of land that was the Alexander valley. He brought the land and converted it into the Jordan estate winery and vineyards.

Jordan’s philosophy when it came to winemaking was a melding of art and nature, his instincts served him well and with the estate landscape designed to perfection a highly successful winery was born.

Jordan Estate Cabernet 2001

The 2001 vintage is deeply colored and carries a rich aroma. Infused with the scents of black berries, currents and chocolate its tastes are similar of black berry and raspberry with a hint of tabacco and oak to finish. A smooth lush wine with a rich earthy quality.

Jordan Estate Cabernet 2000

The 2000 vintage is warm in color and has an aromatic intensity. Delicious scents of currents, black fruit and cassis with a subtle chocolate aroma define this Jordan estate cabernet. The flavor is a melding of black berry and raspberry, bing cherry and cassis. This is a lush multi-layered wine with a rich texture and an oak undertone.

Jordan Estate Cabernet 1999

The 1999 vintage is an age worthy wine with lingering flavors and aromas of cassis, black berry and cedar. This lush rich tasting wine blends a subtle infusion of coffee and a sweet hint of vanilla. Like all Jordan Estate cabernets of this era it possesses a warm rich color and a velvety depth.

Jordan Estate Cabernet 1998

The 1998 Cabernet Sauvignon is a rich ripe flavored wine with strong fruit essences of cassis, black cherry, black berry and plum. Subtle spice, oak and vanilla flavorings complement the black fruit taste. It is a soft textured wine with an intensity of both flavor and bouquet.

Jordan Estate Cabernet 1997

The 1997 vintage is a strong flavored full bodied, multi-layered wine. Its fruit flavors of cassis, black cherry and black berry are complemented by sweet leather under tone and a note of cedar. The wine is finished with a touch of vanilla and traditional oak.

Jordan Estate Cabernet 1996

Rich in texture with a bouquet of tabacco and leather this 1996 vintage has a soft warm color and a traditional Jordan Estate taste. Flavors of plum, black cherry and cassis are finished off with the warm taste of oak and vanilla.

Jordan Estate Cabernet 1995

The 1995 vintage cabernet is a full-bodied thick flowing wine. Its warm tones are infused with cassis, plum and black fruit. The bouquet is fresh herb and finished with oak and vanilla. This is a complex multi-layered vintage.

Jordan Estate Cabernet 1994

A long harvest produced this textured complex vintage. Traditional black fruit and cassis flavors off set by a vanilla and oak finish. A bouquet of fresh herbs complements the black berry and plum taste.

Jordan Estate Cabernet 1993

A richly textured Jordan Estate special came from 1993 harvest. The consistent ripe flavors of black cherry, black berry, cassis and plum are melded with spicy red current. The fresh scent of herbs and a woody oak are finished with a soft vanilla touch.

Jordan Estate Cabernet 1992

This vintage presents an impressive combination of fruit, bouquet and richly textured body. The deep velvet red tones are complemented with a subtle earthy and fresh herb scent. To balance this is the fresh fruit aroma of cassis and dark black cherry. A note of pepper and all spice meld with traditional oak and finish of the black tea and fruit flavors.

Jordan Estate Cabernet 1991

An elegant balanced vintage with a resplendent garnet coloring. This fine wine blends fruit essences of cassis and black cherry with a lingering aroma of spice, black currant, French oak and cedar. This full-bodied vintage leaves a lasting impression with intriguing fruit flavors melding with a hint of nutmeg, clove and earthy tastes.