Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Quintessa Winery

Quintessa Winery

The Quintessa estate, vineyards and winery are beautifully and classically constructed to fade into the sumptuous natural surroundings of the property. The estate blends into the landscape preserving the natural ambiance and the environment. The estate and winery is built on rugged diverse terrain fitted snugly into the hillside. The winery was built in 2002 and the wined produced since have been of the finest quality. Quintessa is a refined and elegant cabernet crated in innovative conditions.

Quintessa 2002

This Quintessa vintage is a bold and lasting drop that is dripping with rich fresh essences and a velvet touch. The bouquet delivers a floral and black fruit fragrance that rolls smoothly onto the palate leaving a richness and ripe texture. A dark wine with deep mature tannins and the promise of a good aging.

Quintessa 2001

This year’s vintage has a deep opulence in tone with a full fruit concentration. A delicate balance of rich fruit flavors on the palate are melded with toffee and chocolate undertones. This is a soft supple drop with a lingering warm after taste.

Quintessa 2000

The 2000 vintage is a broad full flavored wine with an expression of dark sweet berries lingering on the mouth. The aroma of black fruit and spice complete this wine with a gentle persuasive fragrance. Full and round the tannins give it a deep elegant long finish.

Quintessa 1999

The 1999 blend captures the essence of the Quintessa vineyard. This is a layered complex wine with deep undertones and a heavy concentration of flavor. The aromas are rich with black fruits, chocolate and floral notes. The tannins are supple and will mature nicely. A lovely blend with a smooth lingering finish.

Quintessa 1998

This year’s vintage is well structured and balanced with a light layered bouquet of floral notes and fresh bright fruits. A hint of cedar, mint and cocoa reveal themselves in this bottle. This elegant bottle has a long soft finish.

Quintessa 1997

The Quintessa blend of 1997 combines layers of fresh ripe concentrated fruit with a sweet long tannins that creates a rich flavor on the palate. The flavors are developed further with bright red fruit to complement the aromas. An age worthy bottle with a lovely texture and a warm finish.

Quintessa 1996

The 1996 bottle possess a warmth and ripeness that makes it unique to the Quintessa vineyard. The fruit aromas dominate the bouquet and further fruit flavoring is revealed on the palate. A touch of black fruit and spice complete this drop. A long elegant velvety finish define this vintage.

Quintessa 1995

This vintage has a wealth of intensity both in note and flavor. The rich bouquet of dark fruit and a depth of cassis are complemented by a ripe linger flavor. A hint of cocoa and coffee finish this delightful wine.

Quintessa 1994
This is the premiere vintage release of the Quintessa label. A bright warm tone and fresh red fruit aromas combine seamlessly to release a velvet texture onto the palate. Flavors of dark fruit and cassis finish of the delicious wine.