Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Turley Winery

Turley Wines

The Turley wineries have been producing some of California’s finest since 1993. The ever-expanding vineyards of the Turley provide cult wines that tantalize the senses and offer a unique tasting experience every time. The label is synonymous with world class Zinfandels and the range and quality of the wines is second to none.

Turley Napa Valley Hayne Petite Sirah 2001

This bottle has a very dark black tone with an intense complexity of aromas and flavors. The bottle opens up to a layer of chocolate and pepper with a boysenberry and licorice undertone. Toasty oak and a meaty game aroma finish the bouquet. Ripe boysenberry, cola and chocolate flavors are off set with a spicy oak note and peppery licorice finish.

Turley Napa Valley Hayne Petite Sirah 1997

This vintage has an inky dark tone with a fresh nose of dark raspberries and white pepper with an earth undertone. The dark fruit flavors are dominant in this bottle with a pepper zest that bursts onto the palate.
This is a full-bodied fine wine with a lingering finish.

Turley Lodi Zinfandel Dogtown Vineyard 2002

The 2002 vintage possesses the warm dark tone and delightful fresh fruit concentration. Heavy aromas of blue and black berry with a mingling of Italian herbs deepen and develop on the palate. The wine has a long fresh finish.

Turley Lodi Zinfandel Dogtown Vineyard 2001

This Turley bottle has a dark opulent tone and a warm fruit concentration. Ripe jam, blueberry and plum are combined with a strawberry essence in the bouquet. The flavors are full and supple black berry, plum and strawberry with a layer of spice to finish.

Turley Napa Valley Zinfandel Moore-Earthquake Vineyard 2001

This wine is inky and dark with a strong infusion of dark berries and spice on the nose. Black berry and boysenberry flavors are layered upon toasty oak with warmth lingering on the palate. The flavors continue to deepen with a lengthy finish.

Turley Napa Valley Zinfandel Moore-Earthquake Vineyard 1995

This vintage has a slightly warmer dark tone with a ripe smoky bouquet. Cigar box and cedar greet the senses with a hint of raspberry. The wine flows smoothly onto the palate-infusing raspberry, cedar and cigar box flavors with a hot fruit finish.

Turley Napa Valley Zinfandel Hayne Vineyard 2001

This wine is almost black in tone with a very strong fruit and earth bouquet. Blackberry and boysenberry aromas are layered with a dusty and earth note. A high concentration of dark fruits and ripe tannins define this Turley Zin.

Turley Napa Valley Zinfandel Hayne Vineyard 1993

This Turley Zin is well balance and vibrant with a fresh ripe bouquet of black cherry, anise and plum and a layering of lush raspberry. The aroma melt onto the palate with a deep velvet finish further revealing the fruit flavors.

Turley Duarte Zinfandel 2002

This is a complex bottle with an invigorating combination of aromas and flavors. Upon opening the bottle reveals a delicate bouquet of floral and blueberry notes. The wine has a dark tone and is very well balanced with the flavors of fresh fruit and a peppery bite.

Turley Duarte Zinfandel 1996

This wine possesses a rich complex infusion of black cherry and raspberry on the nose that deepens on the palate with a smoke and oak undertone. The 96 bottle is fresh and well structured with a full body and an intense lingering finish.