Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Cos d'Estournel

Cos D’Estournel Cabernet

Cos D’Estournel is regarded as one of the finest wines to come out of the Saint Estèphe region. The Chateau itself is a beautifully constructed estate with a striking ambiance. Set amongst rolling gardens, the winery is a distinctive architectural creation that captures the imagination of all that visit the estate. The vast vineyards of the chateau have produced grapes for winemaking since the mid 18th century. The winery was established in 1885. The estate cabernet has a powerful depth and structure and soft ripe tannins. It is an age worthy wine with a full-bodied texture and a classic bouquet of cassis, berries and cedar. The underlying essences of tabacco and vanilla finish the wine.

Cos D’Estournel Cabernet 2004

The 2004 vintage is a classic cabernet with a subtle floral underdone scent of violets and hedgerow. A soft fine texture on the palate and strong structure. The ripe vibrant flavors of cassis and black fruits finish this full-bodied wine.

Cos D’Estournel Cabernet 2003

The 2003 vintage is a deep and pure Cos D’Estournel cabernet. A dark purple color and a balanced fresh texture define this vintage. A ripe blackcherry note with black fruit flavors combine within this full-bodied sweet wine. This is an extravagant blend that will age graciously.

Cos D’Estournel Cabernet 2002

This vintage is distinctive and bold leaving a lasting impression on the palate and a depth of aroma. The fragrant essences of black fruits and vanilla oak dominate the nose with a subtle hint of espresso to complete. The flavor is full ripe black currant with an underlying new oak and tannins. The 2002 vintage has a soft complexity with a fine finish and a moderate concentration.

Cos D’Estournel Cabernet 2001

The 2001 vintage has a complexity in aroma and a well-balanced finish. The consistent flavors of this year are cherry, cinnamon and sand off set against the distinct tastes of iodine, expresso and truffle. This is an age worthy vintage that while full bodied and flavor rich in youth will develop nicely with age.

Cos D’Estournel Cabernet 2000

This year’s bottle is a fine dry wine with a dull aroma. It has a moderate depth with spicy notes and an earthly peppery flavor. Will deepen with age and is not fully matured in youth.

Cos D’Estournel Cabernet 1999

The 1999 Cabernet is a distinctive and unique medium bodied blend. An earthly note of roasted herbs and a deep coloring is combined with long finish and exotic dark fruit flavors. Will deepen with age.

Cos D’Estournel Cabernet 1998

This Cos D’Estournel Cabernet has a dry aroma of wood with subtle fruity undertones. An underlying mix of tabacco and green pepper also adds depth to this vintage. Moderate length and supple texture leave warmth on the palate.

Cos D’Estournel Cabernet 1997

The warm ripe flavors of black fruits and subtle underlying tones of oak and vanilla are melded nicely in this 1997 vintage cabernet. A thick full tannins and a sweet flavor and finish define this wine. Will grow with age into a deep and full wine with a strong aroma.

Cos D’Estournel Cabernet 1996

The 1996 vintage is a large forward wine with dense structure and a full flavored aroma. Infused with rich spicy fruits and roasted dark coffee with a mineral impression. A youthful flavor will continue to mature into a classic cabernet from Cos D’Estournel. This wine is delicately finished with an earth oak note.

Cos D’Estournel Cabernet 1995

A fine year for the Cos D’Estournel cabernet. This vintage is vibrant with dusty earth aroma’s that evolve into light notes of sweet cherry, raspberries and violets complete with a dense burnt toast aroma. The 95 vintage combines a deep concentration with a balanced fresh finish. This complex wine combines a breeze of sea salt and oyster shells with dark chocolate to finish.