Thursday, November 17, 2005

Plumpjack Estate

Plumpjack Estate Cabernet

What is now known as the Plumpjack vineyard has been nestled in the mountains of Napa valley since the late 1800s when it was founded. The vineyard has been producing grapes since 1881 and the winery was built in 1883. In 1973 the current winery was established and in the proud winemaking traditions of its former owners the Plumpjack estate winery continues to produce top quality cabernet.

Oakville cabernet is historically famous and the Plumpjack winery is no exception. The principal wine is the Plumpjack cabernet sauvignon that has earned an impressive reputation as a fine Napa Valley wine.

Plumpjack Estate Cabernet 2002

A strong aromatic and full flavored vintage the 2002 estate cabernet possess an intense primary bouquet made up of black cherry, ripe plums, juicy currants and delicious roast coffee. These divine aromas are off set against the scents of blackberries, rich chocolate and melted liquorice. This wine is sweet on the palate with a sensuous mix of plums, chocolate and cedar. A long, complex and age worthy vintage.

Plumpjack Estate Cabernet 2001

The 2001 vintage is especially elegant and deliciously combines a multitude of flavors. The warm ruby tones are complemented with the gentle aromas of black berry, black cherry, vanilla, roast coffee and a dazzling hint of rosemary. The flavor is infused with chocolate, black berry, tantalizing black tea, cardamom and kirsch. This Plumpjack special is an exotic tasting smooth vintage that will continue to deepen with age.

Plumpjack Estate Cabernet 2000

The 2000 Plumpjack estate is classically constructed cabernet with a unique twist on the bouquet. Aromas of fennel, star anise and violets blend deliciously with the scents of dried sweet herbs and black bing cherry. The tone is bright and the flavors are a mixture of sweet black fruit, spices and cedar. The finish leaves a chocolate and vanilla essence on the palate.

Plumpjack Estate Cabernet 1999

This vintage is complex with a melding of unique flavors and traditional aromas. The warm perfume of violets blends with middle-eastern olives, cassis and star anise. Notes of rich bing cherries, sweet spice and violets are complemented by a dark chocolate, hazelnut and orange peel flavor.

Plumpjack Estate Cabernet 1998

The 98 cabernet has a lingering complex finish with a warm array of delicate flavors. The aromas of sweet spice, bittersweet chocolate, vanilla, mint, black cherries and sweet smoke fill this intricate vintage. The flavors explode and meld a unique blend of nutmeg, black cherries, ripe raspberries, bittersweet chocolate and coffee with a light subtle oak essence.

Plumpjack Estate Cabernet 1997

This Californian vintage combines the warm aroma of sweet spice, vanilla and mint with the more sensual scents of bittersweet chocolate, a touch of sweet smoke and a dusting of black bing cherries. This exquisite complex and flavorsome wine leaves the palate warm with the taste of bitter-sweet chocolate, black bing cherries, vanilla extracts and boysenberry jam as well as a tantalizing touch of clove, nutmeg and mint. This rich combination is finished with roasted coffee and lightly toasted oak.

Plumpjack Estate Cabernet 1996

Rich and ripe briary berries are coupled with a traditional oak and a dusty taste to complete this fine vintage. The fundamental notes of black cherry and cassis combine with the soft warm tone to create a long velvety and age worthy wine.

Plumpjack Estate Cabernet 1995

A classic vintage made with the traditional flavors of black cherry and cassis. The 95 vintage is a ripe and rich tasting wine with a full flavored vibrant taste. This is an age worthy long wine with the subtle undertones of oak and briary berries.