Monday, October 17, 2005

Pio Cesare

Four generations of wine makers have been producing and ageing wines from the Pio Cesare family, beginning in 1881, when the Patriarch of the family began gathering grapes in his vineyards. Pio Cesare has always insisted upon the best quality wine made from only the very finest grapes. Today, the estate is managed by a great grandson, Pio Boffa, who has brought the wines to a famous stature throughout the world.


Pio Cesare's Barolo is a classic wine produced from a blending of Nebbiolo grapes from different vineyards. Nebbiolo grapes can vary greatly from subtle changes in environment or growing conditions. The vineyards contributing to this Barolo is Serralunga - for full body, Castiglion Falletto for aroma, Monforte for a refined nature. The combination of these grapes creates a nice full bodied dry red with a deep dark color. Vintages from 1997, 1998 and 1999 are just a few varieties that are well worth trying. Pair this with a full flavored beef dish or aged cheese.


Pio Cesare's Barbaresco is a dry, full bodied red wine with a glossy garnet color. With a very complex nose, this variety carries and intense fragrance of berry, cinnamon and mineral aromas. Overtones of peach, along with ciga, dried spices and dark chocolate on the palate create a quietly powerful wine that is a good complement to many foods. Vintages from 1997, 1999 and 2000 are excellent examples of this rich and complex wine. Traditionally served with meat or game, it is also excellent with cheese.

Barolo Ornato

Pio Cesare's Barolo Ornato was originally produced in 1991 to celebrate the estate's 110th anniversary. At this time, it is not produced every year. Instead, it is only made during years of exceptional harvest. The result is an amazing wine with great integrity and consistency. This variety is characterized by an intense color and a deep palate. Possessing a good structure and long finish, the Barolo Ornato has a lovely spicy tone and deep cherry fruit. Complex layers that hint at vanilla and toast, this earthy and rustic wine is definitely a classic. Some available vintages include 1996, 1998, and 2000.

Cortese di Gavi

Vintages 2003,2003, and 2000 are fine representatives of the Pio Cesare Cortese di Gavi wine. A dry white wine, this variety is known for its fruity flavor and soft intensity. Full flavored with a pleasant smooth sensation, this wine is a pale yellow with greenish reflections, and the wine carries a hint of green apples and moss. A lovely complement for pasta and all types of white meats and fish, this wine does not overpower. It is a refreshing choice for lighter fare.