Monday, September 04, 2006



Founders Dan and Margaret Duckhorn established the Duckhorn Wine Company in 1976. The Duckhorn vineyards produced their first vintages in 1978 with modest quantities of Merlot and Cabernet. They further expanded their production to include Sauvignon Blanc in 1982 and continued to produce some of North Americas finest Bordeaux wines. The Duckhorn wine company now harvests from its 6 vineyards all in the rocky slopes of Howell Mountain. The land is home to a unique topography, which produces a distinctive growing climate and environment. From its inception Duckhorn has concentrated on producing world class Merlot and continues with that commitment to excellence today.

Duckhorn Estate Grown Cabernet 2002

This estate vintage opens up with a rich red tone and a complex nose of sweet spice and smoke. The bouquet delights with lush roasted plum, currant and chocolate layered upon notes of mint and truffle. The flavors pour refreshingly onto the palate with hints of currant and dark chocolate melting on the mouth. This wine is defined by its integration of sweetness and spice. The finish reveals dusty tannins and leaves a subtle sweetness lingering on the senses.

Duckhorn Estate Grown Cabernet 2001

This vintage possesses an encompassing ruby tone and a slick refreshing aromatic structure. On the nose this Cabernet bursts with cassis, cherry and notes of mint. The wine coats the mouth with a firm tough texture revealing subtle dark berries, leather and an underlying hint of medicinal flavors. Hints of leather linger on the finish.

Duckhorn Estate Grown Cabernet 2000

The 2000 bottle is a delicate and smooth wine with a fresh bouquet of fruit and a warm flavor full mouth. On the nose enticing raspberry and cherry open up with layers of cassis and spice. Undertones of chocolate, toffee and oak deepen the aromatic structure and tantalize the senses. The palate is treated to a full velvet flow with layers of sweetness. Berry, crème brulee and toasty oak dance across the palate and leave a lingering finish of bright fruit and refined tannins.

Duckhorn Estate Grown Cabernet 1999

This Cabernet begins with a ruby tone and a graceful delivery of aroma. The nose is greeted by warm melting caramel and vanilla with waves of raspberry, toffee and chocolate. Undertones of toasted oak support the decadent bouquet. On the palate fruity layers are off set with cracked pepper. This age worthy wine is defined by a long finish and a supple structure.

Duckhorn Three Palms Merlot 2003

This fine Duckhorn Merlot is defined by a smooth graceful texture and bursting layers of aroma and flavor. The bottle opens up with a nose of sweet red fruits. Strawberry and cherry meld with raspberry and undertones of black olive, almond and spice. The flavors flow like velvet onto the palate revealing lush fruit and layer upon layer of strawberry and red cherry. This Merlot finishes with a complement of oak and cedar and leaves a lingering silk impression on the mouth.

Duckhorn Three Palms Merlot 2002

The 2002 bottle is delightfully integrated with a rich complex melding of aromas. This wine opens up with a hit of black currant and cassis. The nose deepens revealing fresh strawberry and raspberry notes with underlying smoky bacon and a subtle hint of mint. On the mouth this is a silky, full-bodied wine with ripe tannins and an exploding flavorsome palate. Warm oak and vanilla are complemented by a flowing fruit concentration.

Duckhorn Three Palms Merlot 2001

This wines begins with a warm ripe concentration of aromas. Soft notes of mint and chocolate complement a nose of cherry and sage. The flavors coat the mouth with a rich and well-balanced flow of strawberry, raspberry and spice. The wine finishes gracefully with earth and oak.

Duckhorn Three Palms Merlot 2000

This is a unique bottle with a diverse medley of aromas and flavors. To begin the nose is layered with heavy notes of smoked meat, dried herbs and oak. Undertones of raspberry jam and caramel complement and entice. Rich flavors of chocolate and coffee meld with black berry and cherry on the palate. A deep lingering finish of ripe fruits and oak with well-balanced tannins and the promise of maturity define this wine.

Duckhorn Three Palms Merlot 1999

This bottle opens with a warm fresh baking aroma. Bread and oak entice the senses while the bouquet deepens with smoked meat and rosemary. Undertones of strawberry jam and cream with a hint of mint capture the imagination and intensify on the palate. The rich exciting flavors of black cherry and plum coat the mouth melding sensually with bittersweet chocolate, strawberry and toast. This is an age worthy bottle that leaves a lasting impression on the palate.