Monday, September 04, 2006



The Hope family who began growing grape varietals in 1978 founded the Treana winery. Prior to the establishment of the winery the Hopes sold their wines directly from the tasting room under the Hope family label. In 1996 nearly two decades later they established the winery and began growing grapes and selling wine under the Treana label. The labels flagship wine is the Proprietary Red Blend that is made solely from Paso Robles grapes. The name Treana symbolizes a trinity of natural elements. The sea, soil and sun, which make for prime grape growing conditions in the Paso Robles appellation of the Central Coast. It is this marriage of the elements coupled with the Hope families 20 years winemaking experience that ensures each bottle is uniquely crafted to perfection.

Treana Red Blend 2001

This red is deep and rich with a dark crimson tone and a full nose of fruit. The aromas saturate the nose with dark stone fruit, earth and layers of coffee, black cherries, plum and spice. The nose resonates on the palate with earthy tones and dark fruits. This is a refined dry wine with a full body of velvet and a long dusty finish.

Treana Red Blend 2000

This is a tempting sensual and sophisticated wine with a deep plum hue and a complex nose. The bottle opens up with notes of black berry and cassis off set with plum and herb hints. The wine flows onto the palate coating the mouth with a smooth even flavor that is reminiscent of dark fruits. The finish is long and warm with sweetness lingering on the mouth.

Treana Red Blend 1999

This is a dark brooding wine with a deep garnet tone and a rich nose of briary fruits, black fruits, leather and a touch of anise. On the palate the wine is dusty and fine with a flowing sweetness and a heavy concentration of Cabernet fruits. This is a distinctive bottle with warm fresh undertones and a long spicy finish.

Treana Red Blend 1998

This red pours into the glass with a sweet crimson core and a fading dark rim. On the nose it is warm and fresh with notes of black cherries and berry fruits and a hint of leather. The wine flows smoothly onto the palate coating the mouth with layers of blackberries and cassis. The finish is fruity with a sweet flow and an edge of spice.

Treana Red Blend 1997

This wine begins with a vibrant purple tone and a sweet and spicy nose. Notes of blackberry and cassis rise from the glass and slide onto the palate. Hints of spice dance on the senses while the mouth is filled with lingering hits of coffee, anise and cocoa.