Monday, September 04, 2006



The Peju winery was founded in 1983 when Tony Peju purchased the Rutherford Bench property in the Napa Valley. The vineyards had been producing grapes since the early 1900s and the previous owners had found success in selling the grapes to other wineries. The Peju family initially continued to do this in order to learn which vineyards and grapes were the most successful. Tony quickly learned the processes of winemaking and continued to develop the vineyards and growing processes. The Peju wine company is now recognized as one of the Napa Valleys top wineries. It is especially well know for its outstanding Cabernets that possess intense flavor, depth and complexity.

Peju Rutherford Reserve Cabernet 2003

This Rutherford special begins with a glowing opulent red tone and an expressive bursting nose. Aromas of cherry, blackberry and raspberry jam are layered with lashings of cola berry, vanilla and roasted coffee. The bouquet deepens and reveals hints of dried herbs, tealeaves, cinnamon and cloves. The palate is warm and rich with lashings of concentrated fruit and undertones of earth and mineral. This wine is completed with a well-balanced fruit finish.

Peju Rutherford Reserve Cabernet 2002

This wine opens up with a dark inky tone and a fresh rising nose of blackberry, cocoa and kirsch. The aromas are complex and continue to delight the senses with notes of cedar, vanilla and clove off set with lashings of ripe raspberries and a touch of green pepper. The palate is warm and sweet with rich black fruit flavor, cherry and cola melding with vanilla bean, roasted coconuts and an earthy undertone. The finish is long and velvety with distinctive rich oak tannins.

Peju Rutherford Reserve Cabernet 2001

This wine pours a silky deep red into the glass with warm rising aromas filling the nose with black berries and cherries. On the palate this wine is full and sweet with dominant fruit flavors coating the mouth. Ripe black fruits and notes of vanilla and oak flow seamlessly over the palate and finish strongly.

Peju Rutherfod Reserve Cabernet 2000

This bottle opens up with a dark crimson tone and a distinctive nose of steely pencil lead, spicy cinnamon, clove and toffee. The aromas deepen on the palate revealing notes of graham cracker amongst the heavy fruit sensations. This wine is dark and brooding with a sweet currant of oak and a long lingering finish.

Peju Reserve Cabernet 2003

This wine has a warm red cherry tone with a bright raspberry rim. The aromas rise from the glass igniting the senses with Bing cherry, clove, crème de cassis and roasted coffee. Layers of blackberry, pepper and toast are completed with notes of green olive and fresh herbs. The palate is vibrant and full with black cherries and raspberries with undertones of toast and campfire. The finish is long and bold with a silk like flow.