Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Vega Silica

Vega Silica

In 1864 Eloy Lecanda brought 18,000 shoots of indigenous French varietals. This was the foundation of what was to become Spain’s greatest wine making dynasty. The winery was founded by Eloy who quickly found success in the winemaking business with his estate Brandies. By 1876 he was suppling wine to the Spanish Royal Family. The winery first produced its now famous reds at the beginning of the 20th century. In 1915 the winery introduced two Bordeaux wines Vega Sicilia" and "Valbuena. The winery entered its modern form in 1982 when it was brought by the Alvarez family. The family continues to produce Spain’s most renowned world glass wines with the same passion and commitment with which is was forged.

Vega Silica Unico 1994

This years release is dynamic with a rising nose of plum and oak to begin. Notes of leather are revealed in the bouquet and a rich tender flow engages the palate. The mouth is filled with bitter tannins and deep dark chocolate, black cherry and meat. The finish just keeps on giving with hints of pepper and a velvet feel.

Vega Silica Unico 1991

This beautifully crafted wine opens with a subtle nose of warm caramel and fresh green pepper. The wine flows with a feisty feel onto the palate coating the mouth with layers of black cherry and black coffee. This is a heavy brooding wine with a rich decadent finish and an elegant warmth and grace.

Vega Silica Unico 1990

This bottle begins with a vibrant ruby red tone and a full rising nose of red fruits. The bouquet is richly dominated with cherries and the palate is filled with concentrated jam cherries. The mouth is ripe and sweet with a flowing warmth and sensuality. This wine is completed with a long velvet finish and a port like richness.

Vega Silica Unico 1989

This wine opens up with a sensual plum tone with an opulent ruby rim. The nose is bursting with expression, igniting the senses with black fruits, fig and notes of heavy nail varnish. The palate is delightful with layer upon layer of black fruits. The finish is full of flow and grace with a daring lingering heat.

Vega Silica Unico 1987

This bottle delivers a soft sweet nose that rises gently from the glass revealing damsons, saddleleather and underlying cherry fruit notes. The palate is well balanced with a simple silk flow and a dominant fruit expression. The flavors develop nicely with black fruits, raisin and stewed figs revealing in the mouth.

Vega Silica Unico 1986

This is a classic Spanish wine with an opulent red tone and a full earthy nose of cherries and prunes with notes of sliced pear. The wine is soft and silky on the mouth coating the palate with bursting fruit expressions. Plum, meet, grapes and hints of fennel fill the mouth and continue to develop intensity. The finish is powerful and elegant with a long lingering depth and explosiveness.

Vega Silica Unico 1985

This bottle begins with a deep ruby core that flows into the glass and softens round the rim. The nose is complex and enticing with notes of plum and chocolate layered with sweet raisins. The body possesses a full flow and simply slides onto the palate revealing flavors of prunes, wild black fruits and ripe grapes. This wine finishes with an explosion of flavor and an underlying hint of toasted oak.

Vega Silica Unico 1974

This wine begins with a raunchy dark hue and a vibrant complex nose of rose and notes of perfume. The palate is well balanced with traces of acid apparent as the fruit sensations dissipate. This is a brooding red with refined quality and a sensual dark flow.

Vega Silica Unico 1968

This bottle opens up with a deep crimson tone and an inviting aromatic complexity. Notes of resin and coffee meld with cherries and an edge of pepper. The palate is warm and fresh with a distinctive layer of oak integrating well with the fruit and coffee flavors. The finish is vibrant and lively leaving a sweet lasting impression on the mouth.

Vega Silica Unico 1966

This bottle possesses a deep garnet glow and a dark brooding nose of fruit and chocolate. The palate is soft and engaging with hints of raisin and dates dominating. This wine flows seamlessly coating the mouth with richness and texture before finishing with quiet elegance and warmth.