Tuesday, September 05, 2006



The Wente Vineyards are a family legacy. The winery and vineyards are California’s oldest family owned and operated. Family has consistently run the winery since its establishment in 1883. C.H. Wente was a first generation German immigrant that had learnt the craft from none other than Charles Krug. In 1883 he purchased the first Wente vineyards in Livermore valley and began making wine. The winery now a leading California producer is run by generations of the Wente family. The Vineyards span approximately 3,000 acres and are located across the Livermore Valley, Sanfrancisco Bay and Arroyo Seco. For over 120 years the Wente family has produced quality wine with a distinctive Californian feel and generations of the Wente family continue that tradition today.

Wente Cabernet Sauvignon 2003

This bottle is full with lush fruit flavors and a warm bouquet. Violets with an underlying hint of cedar dominate the nose. On the palate the fresh flavors of cherry and ripe plum flow seamlessly coating the mouth with a lingering smooth tannins and a lasting fruit impression. This bottle will age gracefully or can be enjoyed young.

Wente Cabernet Sauvignon 2002

This is a deep and dark cabernet with garnet tones and a brooding crimson core. The nose rises gently from the glass with dark fruits notes and hints of spice. The wine flows flawlessly onto the palate igniting the mouth with a sweet soft coating of fruit and supple tannin. Layers of chocolate, cassis and persistent dark fruits complete this elegant bottle.

Wente Cabernet Sauvignon 2001

This bottle opens with a vibrant effervescent tone and a sensual rising aroma of currants. On the palate this wine is sweet and lingering with lashings of cherry and plum layered with warm mild chocolate notes. The wine is full and round on the mouth with lasting fruit sensations and hints of spice on the finish.

Wente Cabernet Sauvignon 1997

This is a distinctive opulent wine with a clear ruby tone and a balanced nose of black currants, cedar and notes of herb. The aromas flow onto the palate and coat the mouth with clean crisp fruit flavor and layers of cedar and herb. This is youthful wine but will also develop nicely with maturity.

Wente Merlot 2003

This fine Merlot is ripe and full of bursting fruit flavor. A deep ruby tone opens the bottle with a nose of currant and plum revealing in the glass. An edge of spice invites the senses as the aromas deepen on the palate leaving a lingering fruit impression. This wine finishes gracefully with soft fruit flavors and integrated oak notes.

Wente Merlot 2002

This bottle opens with a warm dark tone and an expressive nose of blackberry, red cherries, black tea and creamy vanilla. The wine flows like velvet onto the palate filling the mouth with concentrated fruit flavors and notes of herbal tea and sweet vanilla. The finish is fruity and lingering with well-integrated tannin and a refined balance.

Wente Crane Ridge Merlot 2002

This wine is full of flavor and texture. The bottle begins with a deep ruby tone and a rising nose of cherry with notes of cedar and graham. The wine flows seamlessly onto the palate with a warm refined balance. The delightful fruit components are well integrated with French oak and graceful tannins.

Wente Crane Ridge Merlot 2001

The 2001 bottle begins with a dark tone in the glass and a subtle nose of red and black fruits. The flavours are rich and ripe with overwhelming currants and cherries off set with cedar and spice notes. The wine flows with a graceful silk texture and finishes with an underlying oak edge.

Wente Crane Ridge Merlot 2000

This Merlot opens up with a gentle nose of fruit and oak and a warm spicy feel on the mouth. The flavors are rich currants, juicy plum and layers of cedar and spice. The wine flows gracefully filling the mouth with persistent rich fruits and gentle notes of cedar and oak. The finish is full and spicy with lingering supple tannins.

Wente Crane Ridge Merlot 1997

This Merlot is full and rich beginning with an inky dark core and a complex nose. Black cherries, currants and plum rise from the glass with hints of mineral and spice revealing in the bouquet. On the palate this wine slides with sensual sweetness and concentrated fruit flavors. A graceful long finish completes this wine.