Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Smoking Loon

Smoking Loon

Smoking Loon is one of a variety of labels produced by American wine making giants Don Sebastiani and Sons. Winemaking has been in the Sebastiani family for over a century. Samuele Sabasitiani arrived in Sonoma county in 1895 emigrating from Italy. By the early 1900s he had saved enough money to purchase vineyards in prime Sonoma wine country. The company grew however in 2001 Don Sebastiani who had been CEO for 15 years branched out on his own forming Don Sebastiani and Sons. The new direction aimed to appeal to a younger generation of wine drinkers. The new wines would have a modern style and a broader appeal. The new company quickly proved its worth and soon became a leader in the American winemaking industry. Smoking Loon is just one of it secondary labels and is a unique and exciting addition to any collection.

Smoking Loon Cabernet Sauvignon

This unique blend begins with a rich deep plum tone and a dignified nose of black cherry. Soft underlying hints of clove and cinnamon linger in the bouquet. On the palate sweet blackberries and ripe raspberries are off set with a spicing of white pepper and a touch of dill. This wine flows effortlessly to a delicious strawberry and currant finish with lingering hints of rhubarb pie.

Smoking Loon Chardonnay

This is a intoxicating sweet wine that begins with an effervescent golden glow and a fresh nose. Juicy pineapple is layered with spring flowers and green tea delighting the senses and delivering on the palate. Zesty lemon meringue and papaya are complemented with notes of limestone and a touch of clove. The wine coats the mouth with flavor and delivers a full lingering finish of nectarine and vanilla.

Smoking Loon Merlot

The Smoking Loon Merlot engages the senses with an exciting lavish aromatic structure and a rich flow of flavor. To begin the wine pours with a dark ruby tone and hits of fresh basil, cherries and blueberries. On the palate a soft flow of warm cherry pie and juicy plum are layered with spicy cinnamon and cranberry. The wine finishes splendidly with warm notes of creamy vanilla, French oak and enticing red fruit flavors. The lingering strawberry and cherry notes leave the mouth ignited.

Smoking Loon Pinot Grigio

The Smoking Loon Pinot Grigio is a sensual smooth wine with a fresh bouquet and a diverse arrangement of flavors. The aromas of fresh oranges and ripe grapefruit burst out of the bottle filling the nose. On the palate sweet madarin oranges and nectarine flavors are layered with limestone notes. The wine flows like silk with a subtle finish of mineral and lemongrass.

Smoking Loon Pinot Noir

This Smoking Loon special begins with a bright garnet glow and a tantalizing flowery aroma. The wine opens up with a sweet rising hit of rose petal green tea. The palate is treated to a heavy flowing, mouth filling flavor. Sweet cherries and strawberry are off set with a unique hint of pomegranate seeds. This wine is delightfully distinctive and will intrigue till the last drop.

Smoking Loon Syrah

This is a bottle bursting with personality. This Syrah pours an inky plum into the glass and opens up nicely with the fresh scents of strawberry and creamy caramel with a touch of mocha. Hints of rosemary and sage are subtly revealed in the bouquet. On the palate the flavors explode with juicy notes of strawberry jam and rich hits of blueberry coated with traditional French oak. The wine is completed with a full flavored finish of milk chocolate, cranberries and herb.

Smoking Loon Sauvignon Blanc

This bottle opens with an opulent straw tone and a summer nose of fresh pineapple, apples and hibiscus. The wine has a gentle flow that coats the mouth and ignites the senses. Heavy hits of lemon and melon dominant the palate with warm undertones of thyme and gooseberry. This wine finishes with a citrus zest and a lingering fruit impression that leaves you wanting more.

Smoking Loon Viognier

This bottle has a light golden hue and a heavy floral aroma on the nose. Sensual notes of jasmine and narcissus flow from the glass. The palate is supple with white peach, apricot and guava nectar filling the mouth. A subtle touch of clove and honey completes the wine.