Monday, September 04, 2006


Marilyn Merlot

The Marilyn Merlot label was officially established in 1985 in St Helena, Napa Valley. Bob and Donna Holder along with a group of friends had been making wine in their homes for several years when the idea of the Marilyn Merlot was conceived. The wines were primarily given as gifts to friends or to charity before the concept developed and the wine became available for public sale, quickly proving its worth. The label has an agreement with the Marilyn Munroe estate for exclusive name and photo rights. Every year on her birthday a simple Merlot is released with a different picture of the global icon on the label. This wine gained critical acclaim and quickly became renowned among fine wine lovers and collectors. The Marilyn wine company now produces a number of wines including its flagship Merlot, the Norma Jean, the Velvet collection and Cabernet.

Marilyn Velvet Collection 2003

This wine flows into the glass with a dark ruby tone revealing an enticing nose of cherry and chocolate offset with a cool cola infusion. On the mouth a full tempting velvet flow opens up with black cherry and chocolate. Hints of spice flood the palate with a fine smoky finish to complete this age worthy bottle.

Marilyn Merlot 2004

This bottle is a classic Merlot with a bursting overflowing fruit nose and a warm ruby tone. On the mouth the wine is full and round with a decadent velvet flow of raspberries, blueberries and chocolate. The wine finishes with a sweet smooth impression and a concentrated fruit complement.

Marilyn Merlot 2003

This is a vibrant expressive bottle with a deep purple tone and a sweet warm nose of chocolate and oak. The wine is balanced and layered with dark fruit flavors and a chewy textured feel. The body continues to impress with exciting depth and length.

Marilyn Merlot 2000

This is a daring enticing wine with classic Merlot characters and an inviting nose of fresh dark fruit and oak. The wine flows with exceptional balance and a delicate lush feel that covers the palate in big fruit flavors. This wine finishes heavily with a dusty edge and a lasting impression.

Marilyn Merlot 1999

This is a warm and enticing wine with a rich complexity of flavor and aroma. The bottle opens with a sensual garnet tone that deepens to ruby at the core and a gentle nose of Merlot fruits. The mouth is filled delightfully with warmth and spice with persistent fruit sensations. This wine is sweet and very age worthy with a delicate velvet finish.

Marilyn Merlot 1998

This is ripe bursting Marilyn bottle that smothers the senses with juicy black berry aromas and flavors. The nose is understated and earthy and the palate is fresh and sweet exploding with black fruits and vine. This wine possesses a medium body and a loaded lingering finish.

Marilyn Merlot 1997

This Marilyn Merlot is delightfully rich and sensuous with bursting aromas, classy undertones and deep lingering flavors. The bottle opens up with a warm inviting ruby tone and a black berry and cherry nose. The body flows languidly onto the palate filling the mouth with juicy blueberries and chocolate. Layers of oak and earth complete this well-balanced bottle.

Marilyn Merlot 1996

This is a lavish graceful Merlot with delicious warm chocolate aromas and spicy notes rising from the glass. On the palate dominant black and red fruit flavors fill the mouth with intensity. This bottle develops nicely coating the mouth with a spicy finish and an elegant flow.

Marilyn Merlot 1993

The 93 Marilyn Merlot is soft, flowing and sweet with a vibrant earthy red tone. A delightfully rich nose of berries and chocolate entice the senses. The palate is devine with flowing notes of blackberries, blueberries and juicy ripe plum. This wine is elegant and refined with a sensual decadent feel.

Marilyn Merlot 1990

This bottle begins with an effervescent glow and lashings of ruby in the glass. The aromas rise gently with tender hits of blackberry, currants and raspberries. The aromas deepen and slide on the palate overwhelming the mouth with rich fruit flow and underlying notes of spice. The finish ignites the senses with a burst of flavor and smooth tannins.