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The Tuscan winery is run Marchese Peiro Antinori the latest in 26 generations of the family to precide over the family business. Antinori wines can be traced back as far as the 12th century. The offical establishment of the Italian empire dates back to 1385 when Giovanni de Pieri
registered with the guild of winemakers. Ever since the Antinori family has produced some of Italy's finest wines. The TenutaTignanello estate and vineyard is the pride of the winery responsible for the companies flagship wine.

2003 Tignanello

This wine pours languidly into the glass with a seamless effervescent plum tone. Notes of white pepper, sweet summer flowers and blackberries are complemented by an underlying mineral hint. The flavors intensify on the palate with dominant hits of black berries, cherries and black
licorice. The body is firm with an acidic layer and the finish warm and long.


The 2001 Tiganello begins with a powerful nose of black cherry, olive and coffee. Layers of herb and pine complement the distinctive bouquet and continue to impress upon the palate. The dominant flavor is of rich black fruits that overflow and saturate the mouth. The feel is silky and smooth and the finish delivers a delightful length.

2000 Tignanello

The 2000 bottle is a nice youthful wine with a dark plum tone and a heavy concentration of black fruits. This wine slides onto the palate releasing overflowing hints of berries and black cherry. Layers of smoke and earth combine seductively with a warm cocoa undertone. This wine is completed with a toasty oak finish and a lingering fruit essence.

1999 Tignanello

This wine possesses a deep ruby hue with an opulent pink rim and a flowing complexity of dark fruit flavors. Layers of black berries and cherry flow over hints of cocoa smoke and earth. The mouth is coated with a tight supple feel and is left with a lingering oak finish.

1998 Tignanello

This bottle opens with a bright red hue and a strong nose of tobacco. The flavors are full of fruit and continue to develop as the wine breaths. On the palate the wine is sweet and sumptuous with a full-bodied feel and a mouth coating fruit concentration. The finish is well balanced and
rich leaving an oak and tobacco edge.

1997 Tignanello

The 1997 vintage slides into the glass with a dark crimson velvet hue. Notes of ripe fruit pierce the nose with layers of fig, smoke, leather and forest floor. The fruit overflows onto the palate drenching the mouth with a well-balanced graceful texture that fulfils the promise of fresh fruit. This is an age worthy bottle.

1996 Tignanello

This wine takes its time on the opening slowly revealing a delicate nose bursting with herb and spice. The palate is saturated with a heavy concentration of dark fruits and toasty oak. Big and bold on the mouth and lingering on the finish this wine is undoubtedly tantalizing with it

1995 Tignanello

This bottle possesses a rich deep ruby tone that softens at the edges. The nose is subtly sensual with rising notes of sweet plums, chocolate and oak with a touch of pepper and a hint of earth underneath. This wine quickly excites the palate before evening out to fully cover the mouth with fruit and tannin. An explosive acid finish is off set by a lingering sweetness.

1994 Tignanello

This is a distinctive bottle with an engaging nose that combines sweet floral notes of lavender and sumptuous red fruits as well as a talc mineral hint. These aromas deliver on the palate with a dominance of red fruits coating the mouth. This is a graceful, mouth filling wine with a silk like
texture and a refined open finish.

1990 Tignanello

The 1990 bottle is dark and broody with a medium body and an intriguing nose. Notes of cedar and balsa open up in the glass. Revelations of dark fruits and a hit of warm eucalyptus complete the bouquet. The palate is saturated with rich dark fruit that pours heavily over the mouth and
finishes seamlessly with a contrasting acid sweetness.