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The history of Caymus goes back to Charles F. Wagner, Lama B. Wagner and their son Charles J. Wagner where they founded the winery in 1972 on the family’s Rutherford property. The first Caymus Special Selection Cabernet was made from the 1975 vintage.
The name Caymus was taken from Rancho Caymus, which was acquired by George Yount in the year 1836. However, Mishewal-Wappo Indians, inhabitants of a village to the north of Yountville town, were also known as Caymus.
All through the years, Special Selection Caymus vintages have been considered as fine wines. However, so far as some prominent vintages are concerned, the 2001 vintage is considered an excellent wine.
Vintages of Caymus Cabernet and Cabernet Special Selection

2003 Caymus Cabernet

Known as a concentrated young wine, the 2003 Caymus Cabernet gives fruity aftertaste along with fine-grained tannins. It renders the palate of creamy, oak, ripe currant, black cherry fruit, and plum.

2002 Caymus Cabernet

The exotic wine comes in rich ruby color with a palate of fully ripe black currants against a sweet and velvety texture, black cherry, anise, chocolate, and spice. As far as its aromas are concerned, it gives a fruity fragrance that creates magic. It is a wine of high concentration and density and is more known for maintaining a fine balance of fruit and oak.
2001 Caymus Cabernet Special Selection

The 2001 Caymus Cabernet Special selection has fine drained tannins and is concentrated. Highly rich in flavors, its palate consists of ripe plum, mineral, cedary oak, blackberry, and slate.

1997 Caymus Cabernet Special Selection

The 1997 Caymus Cabernet Special Selection comes with a nose of minerals, rich cassis fruit, and smoke. It gives the effect of cassis extract along with the magic of fine-grained tannins on the palate too. It is highly concentrated and is known to have a perfect balance. One can experience a rich, smoky spice in the aftertaste.

1996 Caymus Cabernet

The 1996 Caymus Cabernet is itself a unique wine. Its palate consists of black cherry, supple currant. Up-front it renders the flavor of toasty oak. It has a complexed finish and is more concentrated than its previous vintages.

1995 Caymus Cabernet

The 1995 Caymus Cabernet features currant, black cherry, plum, and olive. Its tannins are known to be smooth and polished and need cellaring for short duration.

1994 Caymus Cabernet

The 1994 Caymus Cabernet is highly concentrated and a ripe wine. It features layers of currant, black cherry, spice, plum, cedary oak, and vanilla. One can drink it now and may cellar it as well. It gives notes of tobacco and coffee. It is known to have smooth texture with thick core of tannins.

1993 Caymus Cabernet

The 1993 Caymus Cabernet is known to have the flavors of spice, cherry, currant, and cedar. It is highly refined and leaves a complex note aftertaste. It is altogether a stylish wine.

1992 Caymus Cabernet Special Selection

The 1992 Caymus Cabernet Special Selection comes in ruby or purple color. Providing the aromas of sweet, toasty oak and red, black fruits, it is highly concentrated. It may last for another 12 – 15 years.

1990 Caymus Cabernet Special Selection

The 1990 Caymus Cabernet Special Selection is offered in ruby red color. It gives the aromas of tobacco and licorice. As far as its palate is concerned, it creates the magic of anise, licorice and ripened red berries.