Friday, December 09, 2005

Dom Perignon

Dom Perignon

Dom Perignon is a wine that is named after a Benedictine Monk who was born in France and was known for his outstanding sense of smell and palate. Dom Perignon, the monk was a wine expert and discovered the ‘Champagne’ method of making sparkling wines. He had such a strong sense of smell that he could even predict the vineyard from which the grapes came. He assembled the qualities of one wine into another in such a way that the concoction resulted in brilliant wine. Now the Dom Perignon Champagne that people know and love is renowned for its delicate flavor. An expensive Champagne under the production of Moet et Chandon, it is produced in two styles and in exceptional vintages.

Vintages of Dom Perignon

1998 Dom Perignon

It renders the nose of puree of apples, vanilla, hazelnuts, melba toast, poached pears, and yellow plum jam along with the notes of quince ands chalk. On the palate, it provides acidic freshness as the bubbles ooze out of it. In addition to this, it consists of ripe light colored fruit flavors.

1996 Dom Perignon

Dom Perignon is believed to be a great wine and offers wonderful aromatic intensity along with hints of bread, dough, wheat-thins roasted hazelnuts, and tropical fruits. It is in fine golden colored hue with bubbles oozing out when poured in the glass. It gives notes varying from wheat bread, pineapple, mango skins, and toasted almond to crushed apricot pits.

1995 Dom Perignon

It is convincing in terms of its aromas of white flowers, acacia honey, nuts, mushroom, and minerals. It is not a heavy wine and renders flavor of yellow plum, and strong soil stones at the finish. It is an excellent wine.

1993 Dom Perignon

It gives an unusual nose of yeast, walnut, and cream and is known to be perfect for celebrations. It is one of the elegant wines but at the same time powerful too. It suits the palate too with its superb citrus acidity.

1992 Dom Perignon

It is not too convincing in its palate and needs cellaring for more years. Its aromas consist of yeast, peach and it renders some notes of acid. It is not as exhilarating as the vintage of 1990.

1990 Dom Perignon

Dom Perignon is known as Geoffroy’s first vintage of Dom Perignon. It is a little grapey and requires three years before opening. It renders the aromas of apple, and green pipped fruit. It has a superb minerally palate and has unbelievable elegance.

1988 Dom Perignon

It owns nose of toasty almond and is rated as the best wine by the tasters. You may not cellar it as it is convincing in its maturity. It is bright as well as crispy in taste.

1985 Dom Perignon

It comes in greeny golden hue color. It is convincing in its palate with the notes of apple, honey, and grass. It is excellent champagne with a superb flavor and a complex one too.

1982 Dom Perignon

It comes in an impressive straw color. However, the wine is a bit tart and short in the aftertaste. It is one of the best Dom Perignon champagnes.

1980 Dom Perignon

This Dom Perignon offers almond-honey flavors and promises an excellent finish. It comes in white color and features freshness of citrus fruit on finish along with the taste of toasted brioche and candied citrus fruits.