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In the year 1836, George Yount started the plantation of wines at Yountville. He named the place after him. It is located at the foothills of the Mayacamas Mountains. He later sold the site to Charles Hopper in 1850. The land changed hands several times. Among the owners were Hugh La Rue and John Daniel.

While studying at UC Davis in 1968 and 1969, Christian Moueix took great fancy for the valley and in 1982, he entered into a joint venture with John Daniel's two daughters, Robin Lail and Marcia Smith. Thus, began the journey of Dominus. Christian Moueix put in a lot effort to bring back the old glory of the vineyard. In the year 1995, he bought the entire winery.

In the year 1983, the first vintage of Dominus was harvested, and since then it has earned a good name for its wine that bears an earthy character. Great care has gone into the development of the vineyards. Each vintage is characterized by a variety of blends based on the climatic conditions of that particular year and the nature of the vineyard.

Vintages of Dominus

2002 Dominus

The Dominus 2002 vintage is expected to age beautifully. It comes with a high concentration of fruit flavors, depicting depth and complexity. It is a nice blend with great balance.

2001 Dominus

The Dominus 2001 is considered a classic wine that will mature well. The grapes that went into making the wine were outstanding in quality and maturity. The fruit matured slowly due to favorable weather conditions, which gave enough time for detailed care of the produce. It is expected to be rich and smooth in texture.

2000 Dominus

The Dominus 2000 is strongly flavored and is quite complex. It is a fine quality wine that saw a long harvest season not normally offered by nature. Proper care could be focused to the produce, which reflects upon the quality of the wine.

1999 Dominus

An unusually long growing season makes the Dominus 1999 a wine of classic quality. It is a wine of exceptional complexity and character. The growing season was dry, followed by a cool spring and mild summer. The grapes were small that made the wine concentrated.

1998 Dominus

The Dominus 1998 vintage was a produce of a cool climate. With the weather being unusually cool, the produce was bound to be affected. However, Christian Moueix's knowledge about such weather conditions owing to his French connection saved the situation. When the weather warmed a bit, his team resorted to crop thinning to help concentrate the flavors in the remaining few grape clusters.

1997 Dominus

The Dominus 1997 vintage was a turn around to the original blend. There was great balance in the three varietals of Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. These were blended without the need to blend in the Petit Verdot.

1996 Dominus

The Dominus 1996 wine is both a complex and well-balanced blend, owing to a great growing season, coupled with hard work put in by Dominus workforce.

1995 Dominus

An exquisite wine from the Dominus vineyard, the 1995 vintage can be relished young with a potential to age into a beautiful wine.

1994 Dominus

The Dominus 1994 is a classic wine that reflects the right percentage of all the varietals planted.

1991 Dominus

The Dominus 1991 owns aromas of brown spices, plum liqueur, chocolate, and leather, currant along with notes of ineffable animal or vegetal element. It is great on the finish. It is altogether an excellent and a rich wine.