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d' Yquem was established during the time when Jacques de Sauvage exchanged other properties for the House of Yquem. In 1785, Lady of Yquem married Louis Amedee de Lur Saluces who was the godson of Louis XV and Lady Victorie de France. D' Y Quem had gained in prestige through the efforts of Lur Saluce's family. The wines are known for their delicious taste, as they are intensely concentrated and sweet with a high level of acidity. If these wines are properly cared for and stored, they can easily last centuries.

Y'quem, the best wine of the Bordeaux region of France, is the world's most expensive wine and is considered incomparable. The vineyards of Y' Quem are known for the perfection of their wines. It is made from the Semillon grape and Sauvignon Blanc. Grapes are taken out of the botrytis mould to ensure their sweetness. This also helps in removing excess water from the grapes. The remains of these grapes are then taken to create the best wines in the land of red wines.

Vintages of Y'quem

2004 Y'quem

The vintage comes in an exclusive mid gold color. The nose features figgy toastiness, dried apricot, caramelized orange fruit, and cream. With fruit flavors like pineapple, ripe mango with notes of tobacco, tealeaf, and herbs, it also tastes of apricot, and nectarine skin on the finish.

2003 Y'quem

It is an excellent and superb wine offered in pale gold color. The aromas consist of honey, dried apricots, spice, and botrytis. It features sweet fruit on the palate and is quite convincing in terms of structure.

2002 Y'quem

It comes in pale yellow color, creating magic of ripe white fruit, and blackcurrant. This vintage is known for its elegance and a long finish. In addition, it also features notes of vanilla and oak.

2001 Y'quem

Offered in light gold color, it renders aromas of tropical fruit, sweet crème brulee, buttered nuts, pineapple, and orange marmalade. Known as the best vintage among others, it is a perfect combination of freshing acidity and high concentration.

1999 Y'quem

The vintage is offered in pale lemon gold and characterized by aromas of candied fruits. It is convincing on finish and length. You may have to cellar it.

1998 Y'quem

It has an attractive lemon gold color and features nose of botrytis. It is better than its predecessor vintage, as it sounds good in its richness and concentration. Featuring flavor of apricot, and orange, it is a nice wine presented with balanced acidity.

1997 Y'quem

Offered in golden hue, it is an excellent wine that is convincing in terms of its balance of richness and structure. It features texture of cream. You may cellar it.

1996 Y'quem

Presented in moderate gold color, it renders aromas of ripe fruits, and smoky white fruits.

1994 Y'quem

A vintage of wet harvest, it has aromas of smoke but lacks efficiency in the palate. Featuring botrytis sweetness, it does not offer long finish. Over all, it is not accepted as a good wine.

1990 Y'quem

It renders a nose of volatile acidity, ripe white fruits along with the aromas of orange and apricot. Perfect combination of balance and richness, it is convincing with flavor of peaches and apricots. You may cellar it for years.