Friday, December 09, 2005

Chateau Lynch Bages

Chateau Lynch Bages

The brand name Chateau Lynch Bages lies with its founder Michel Lynch. The brand name was founded in the 18th century and he is the person who personifies the tradition of great Bordeaux wines. His efforts and hard work helped the family to earn a name in wines. Michel Lynch was the son of Thomas Lynch and Elizabeth Drouilbacon, who was the daughter of the owner of the Bages estate in Pauillac. The property was given into the hands of Michel Lynch by his elder brother Jean- Baptiste

The vineyards of Chateau Lynch Bages are situated on the South and South-West boundary of Pauillac. The other buildings of the Chateau are about 500 yards away from the Pauillac.

Vintages of Chateau Lynch Bages

2004 Chateau Lynch Bages

The vintage comes in an attractive scarlet deep and bright color. There is the richness of black currant on the palate and it renders a racy quality.

2003 Chateau Lynch Bages

It is characterized by a strong nutty and macerated fruit nose with an intense dark fruit palate. Red in color, it features wonderful concentrations of fruit.

2002 Chateau Lynch Bages

It is presented with a concentration of ripe fruits that is mixed with smoky undertones. It is one of the potent wines that offer richness of fruits.

2001 Chateau Lynch Bages

The vintage is a wonderful wine that comes with a full textured palate along with ripe tannins. One experiences a dark and nutty fruit aroma. You may drink it over the next eight years.

2000 Chateau Lynch Bages

It is a result of wonderful ripening, harvesting and natural yields. Its palate promises smooth tannins and remains in the mouth for long.

1999 Chateau Lynch Bages

Pale golden in color, it stimulates the senses with its complex nose. It is complex in terms that in the beginning it renders aromas of wet stones, lemon pastry and golden fruit, but later on it soothes the nerves with marzipan and pineapple. Known for its balance, it is a fine wine.

1998 Chateau Lynch Bages

It is characterized by the aromas of blackcurrant fruits and renders a magical fruit flavor with a smooth palate. You may have wine after cellaring it for two to four more years. Possessed with great tannins, it promises great ageing potential.

1997 Chateau Lynch Bages

The 1997 vintage comes in a fabulously intense red color that possesses complex aromas. Like the vintage of 1999, its nose differs in the beginning with the aromas of Asian spices, sweet roasted plums and black beans, and later these aromas fritter away and leave a fairly dull nose. It comes with a palate of spicy tannins.

1995 Chateau Lynch Bages

The 1995 Lynch Bages comes with a nose of blackcurrants, earth and oak. It is a vintage of rare quality that produces profound pleasure with its complex flavor.

1990 Chateau Lynch Bages

It comes in a very dark color with a nose suggestive of coffee, cocoa, cedar and peppermint. The wine tastes great and stays longer in the mouth.