Friday, December 09, 2005

Chateau Margaux

Chateau Margaux

The Chateau Margaux history can be traced back to the year 1400. Since then the ownership of the property has changed many hands. The estate has an impressive history, as it also was the residence of Edward III, the King of England at one point of time. Presently, the chateau is in the hands of the Mentzelopoulous family. Margaux wines have a propensity to mature a little in advance than other first growths.

Where it was expected to take a few vintages for the wine to make a mark, just one vintage of 1978 was all it took to prove how good Chateau Margaux could be.

Vintages of Chateau Margaux

2003 Chateau Margaux

The 2003 vintage is an excellent wine, though it was not as good in quality as Pauillac and St. Estephe. This out of the ordinary 2003 Chateau Margaux standard–wise dominates virtually all the other Margaux estates. With maturity, this wine is supposed to do even better.

2002 Chateau Margaux

It is an ideal blend of cabernet sauvignon (85%), petit verdot (5%), cabernet franc (2%), and merlot (7%). Known as a classic wine, it renders the aromas of minerals, cherry, berry, and currant. It is a perfect balance of fine tannins and excellent finish. It has deep velvet color.

2000 Chateau Margaux

Offered in saturated purple, it gives aromas of graphite, blackberries, crème de cassis, and oak. . It is a blend of cabernet sauvignon (90%), and merlot (10%). It is becoming more popular with each year as it keeps attaining the level of maturity.

1999 Chateau Margaux

This specific vintage demonstrates extraordinary balance as well as flavor of fruits, spring flowers, and spices. It is rich in tannins and flavors. Over all it is an excellent wine.

1997 Chateau Margaux

It is a highly concentrated wine and is known for its being well balanced. It features black and red currants, loganberries, gooseberries, and oak. You may cellar it for the next five years.

1995 Chateau Margaux

It features exotic aromas of smoky oak, licorice, and mint. As far as its palate is concerned, it renders the flavors of minerals, currants, black fruits, and hint of crème caramel. You may cellar it for another four to five years. It is a wine from mediocre harvest.

1991 Chateau Margaux

The wine is not known as the best wine by Margaux. It comes with the aromas and flavor of berries. It has sweet taste on the palate. You may not cellar it, as it is appropriate to drink now.

1990 Chateau Margaux

It is deep in color and is known to give aromas of blackberries, currants, spices, and plums. It has smooth tannins. You may cellar it for another five years. Being well balanced, it is an excellent wine and has a full-bodied structure.

1989 Chateau Margaux

With this specific vintage began a new era of prosperity for all practical purposes for Bordeaux. The credit for this goes to the favorable situations prevailing in the market globally, apart from the great vintages. Many of the commentators realized the dawn of a new beginning in the world of wines.

1929 Chateau Margaux

Supposedly, this is the legend of all vintages of the century gone past. The kind of brand it projected in the market was no doubt simply superb. Going by all the details, it clearly indicates that for a pretty long period of time it dominated the market later, which proved to be a truly branded product internationally. Looking back to its reputation, in the early part of the twentieth century, this vintage was very popular. For all practical purposes, there was hardly any contemporary, which could have matched its standard.