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Cristal Champagne was founded by Louis Roederer who was born in Alsace. He joined the Champagne winery in the late 1820’s. By the time Roederer died, he was among the top three in exports to the United States. The champagne Cristal was specially made for Czar Alexander II to suit his sweet taste. Roederers’s Cristal has earned a big name for itself in the area of champagne making. Cristal is famous among the rock stars and drug dealers. It usually comes in sweet and fruity taste and each bottle is wrapped with cellophane that is golden in color. Cristal is verified and aged in oak.

Vintages of Cristal Champagne

1999 Cristal Champagne

Louis Roederer Cristal 1999 is produced almost every year. It is in a clear bottle with a fine and silky texture in which it looks striking. It is known for its refined elements with potential longevity. It is a wine of great purity. The freshness of this wine lies in its crisp acid finish. The 1999 Cristal vintage can be cellared for up to two years. It tastes of citrus flavors with a hint of vanillin oak.

1997 Cristal Champagne

Talking about the vintages of Cristal, the 1997 vintage was much citrus than its previous vintages. It is really convincing in terms of taste as it has a lemony note on the nose and it is crisp too.

1996 Cristal Champagne

Cristal’s 1996 vintage was out in the market by the name of 1996 Louis Roederer Cristal. Structurally, it has a large body with a balanced finish and is elegant. The 1996 vintage is in medium light yellow color and is quite acidic and strong.

1995 Cristal Champagne

It renders aromas of vanilla, hay, fruits, and hazelnut. As far as its flavor is concerned, it creates the magic of dry grape, peaches, cream, toasted nut, and plum. It finishes with a touch of minerals and citrus notes.

1994 Cristal Champagne

Offered in pale peach skin color, it has aromas of ginger apple, caramel, crystallized ginger, and cinnamon. It is concentrated champagne and has strong extracts. It gives the flavor of honeyed apple at finish.

1990 Cristal Champagne

Offered in sparkling white, it renders the aromas of acacia honey, and primary fruit. It is good in terms of its structure and is a concentrated wine. You may cellar it as it is a very young wine.

1989 Cristal Champagne

The vintage has nose of oily-brioche and is known to be a full-matured wine. It has an excellent mousse and gives the flavor of ripe creamy fruit on the palate along with a sweet flavor. Tasting great at the finish, overall it is a delicious wine.

1988 Cristal Champagne

Being light and acidic in nature, it is known to have toasty and fresh fruit complexity and is well-balanced wine. You may cellar it. It is offered with a touch of cassis and renders aromas of strawberries and toast.

1985 Cristal Champagne

Offered with the notes of acacia honey, and almond notes, it is one of the excellent wines manufactured by Cristal. It is known to create magic with aromas of hazelnut, fragrant almonds, and white flowers. It tastes of cream on the palate.

1983 Cristal Champagne

This vintage is one of the best from the vineyards of Cristal. It owns aromas of walnut and features a great finish. You may cellar it. It is likely to improve until 2012. It has a dry taste and renders a fresh experience.