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The history of Summit Ranch can be traced back to the year 1872, when there were no phones until the 1920s, no electricity until the 1940s and no paved roads until the 1950s. Life was tough in those days. Since then the property has changed many hands and at present, the vineyards are controlled by Pride Mountain Vineyards.

Records suggest that vineyard plantings were done first in 1869, but not much has been known about the varieties that were produced then at the Summit Ranch. A huge plantation is evidenced by the presence of a three-storey winery made of stone, which was built in 1890. The entire mountain population was served by the winery.

The Pride Mountain Vineyards is situated at a height of about 2100 feet on the Mayacamas Mountain Range. According to government regulations in 1990, the 170 acre Pride Mountain Vineyards has been split by the Napa/Sonoma county line and now has two separate facilities, one each in both the counties.

Vintages of Pride

2003 Pride Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve

It owns a nose of jam and screams of fruit. It contains 100% Cabernet along with the notes of sharp tannins, and a darn lot of wood. It contains alcohol too.

2003 Pride Merlot

The vintage comes with flavors of cassis, cocoa, currants, and espresso bean element on the palate. Showing notes of soft chewy tannins, Pride Merlot 2003 contains 100% Merlot. Offered with high concentrations of ripe black fruit flavors as well as aromas, it is rated as one of the best wines among the prestigious Pride wines.

2002 Pride Reserve Claret

Being a perfect blend of balance and complexity, it is offered in purple color along with the aromas of blueberry, blackberry, currants, licorice, and chocolate. You may cellar it for another 12-15 years.

2001 Pride Merlot

The 2001 Merlot comes from the appellations of Napa and Sonoma counties. The wine, which is made from 55% fruit from Napa and 45% fruit from Sonoma, has a nose of creosote, black cherry, currant, and damp earth. It is quite intense and rich with a purple color body.

2000 Pride Merlot

The 2000 Merlot has a rich and long palate, with great flavors of plums, blackberry, and a good chocolaty finish in company of smooth tannins.

2000 Pride Claret Reserve

It is characterized by a nose of bitter chocolate, cassis, violet, and lead pencil. Being sweet, and suave, it has flavors of deep oak berry, and lead pencil. It also features notes of blackberry and currant. Overall, it is an excellent wine.

1999 Pride Merlot

A complex and concentrated wine, the 1999 Merlot is rich in taste. The palate has a spicy herbal presence, with mocha, currant and brown sugar to boot.

1998 Pride Merlot

The 1998 Merlot has a firm finish, with rich currant, blackberry, and coffee nose. It is a great wine. Full-bodied and mouth filling, the 1997 Merlot is smooth with accents of creamy oak. The palate contains concentrated flavors.

1996 Pride Merlot

The 1996 Merlot is a bit tannic, firm and strong in structure. It contains young fruit and rich ripe cherries.

1995 Pride Claret Reserve

It is offered in opaque purple color. The nose shows the notes of black cherry, tobacco, and gun smoke. It is quiet convincing in terms of palate as it offers flavor of chocolate, black plum, and cherries. Overall it is an excellent wine.