Friday, December 09, 2005

Chateau Petrus

Chateau Petrus

The Chateau Petrus was founded by the Arnaud family. In the beginning of the 20th century, Madame Loubat purchased the shares of Societe Civile du Chateau Petrus. By the end of the World War II, she was the sole proprietor of the Chateau Petrus. The distribution of Chateau Petrus came under the authority of wine merchants from Libourne. The wine needs 3-5 years of cellaring.

Talking about vintages of the Chateau Petrus, its 1996 Vintage is in striking opaque purple color with sweet berry fruit intermixed with earth, pain grille and coffee scents. The levels of tannin are high and the style backward. The 1996 Petrus is a big and monolithic wine.

Vintages of Chateau Petrus

2002 Chateau Petrus

The 2002 Chateau Petrus looks great with notes of licorice, plums, black cherries, and some herbs along with damp earth. The palate lacks some sweetness. It has a tannic complex and does not score on charm. You may cellar it.

2001 Chateau Petrus

The 2001 Chateau Petrus has a bright, deep red color appearance filled with the aromas of red cherry, sandalwood, mulberry, iron, minerals and licorice. It gives a smooth taste to begin with and displays excellent grip. The vintage 2001 of Chateau Petrus gives pungent flavors of spices and berries with a cool and reserved sweetness.

2000 Chateau Petrus

The 2000 Vintage of Chateau Petrus cast a magic spell on the wine-lovers with its inky black, ruby and purple color along with aromas of concentrated black fruits. It has a huge tannic structure and immense body.

1998 Chateau Petrus

The 1998 Chateau Petrus has great aromas of blackberry, cassis and gun smoke. The flavors are powerful, concentrated and quite complex. It is expected to develop into a fine wine.

1995 Chateau Petrus

The 1995 Petrus comes with scents of black fruit aromas and exudes the same quality that is found in the exclusive vintage of 1975 Petrus. It is imbued with its own style.

1992 Chateau Petrus

The 1992 Petrus created such a magic that it is taken as “wine of the vintage”. It is a rich wine with a dark, saturated purple/ruby color with nose of vanillin, caramel, herb tinged mocha and sweet black cherry fruit.

1990 Chateau Petrus

The 1990 Chateau Petrus consists of great aromas of black fruits, mocha, mulberry, and burnt toast. It is well defined and an expressive wine. Greatly balanced flavors with smooth tannins indicate to a great wine in the making. It has a long earthy finish.

1989 Chateau Petrus

The 1989 Vintage of Petrus contains all the qualities that one can desire to be present in the best wine. It provides exotic taste and a wonderful experience.

1985 Chateau Petrus

The 1985 Chateau Petrus has a relatively thinner nose in comparison to the 1989 vintage. With vigor not quite there in the aroma, the palate is medium-bodied with a smooth texture. With a dull finish to contend with, the vintage does not quite live up to the Petrus name.

1975 Chateau Petrus

The 1975 Chateau Petrus is an excellent wine with a dark chocolate and espresso aroma. The tannins are smooth, and the balance perfect with the palate well focused on mulberry and mocha.