Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Amon Ra

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German winemaker Colin Glaetzer established the Glaetzer wine label. Colin and his family had a rich history in the winemaking business and in 1888 they extended that knowledge to their Australian property. The family migrated and settled in the Barossa Valley wine country. There they began to produce classic Barossa valley estate grown wines. The Amon Ra label comes under the flagship Glaetzer label. Amon Ra is a powerful figure in Egyptian mythology. The god’s temple is considered the birthplace of commercial winemaking.

href="http://www.winezap.com/Glaetzer-Shiraz/2004/14564">2004 Amon Ra Shiraz

This bottle opens up with a black and purple tone and a big aromatic invitation. Plum, pepper and fruit pour into the glass. On the mouth the wine is soft and rich with blackcurrant dominating the palate and hints of nutmeg lingering in the finish.

href="http://www.winezap.com/Glaetzer-Shiraz/2003/14564">2003 Amon Ra Shiraz

This bottle has a warm dark purple tone almost black at the core. Aromas of pepper and plum meld with matured fruit scents on the nose. On the palate this wine is firm and well structured revealing lavish hits of blackcurrant and nutmeg. This is an age worthy bottle with a long extended finish.

href="http://www.winezap.com/Glaetzer-Shiraz/2002/14564">2002 Amon Ra Shiraz

This wine possesses a deep purple tone and a fresh fruit nose. Aromas of raspberry and plum ignite the nose with undertones of perfumed fruit. The palate is rich and ripe with a heavy fruit concentration and fine tannins. This wine will command attention on the finish.

href="http://www.winezap.com/Glaetzer-Shiraz/2001/14564">2001 Amon Ra Shiraz

This is a big wine with a well-balanced inviting aroma and flavor. The bottle opens with a hit of blackberry and sweet cassis. Undertones of smoke, licorice and grill are layered on the nose and palate. Deep rich fruit flavors dominate with the old vine personality revealing in the mouth.

href="http://www.winezap.com/Glaetzer-Shiraz/2000/14564">2000 Amon Ra Shiraz

This wine is dark purple in tone with warm red hues. The nose is heavy and slow to open with initial hits of cracked pepper. Mulberry, earth spice, plum and herb deepen the bouquet and evolve on the mouth. The flavors are briary fruit and rich chocolate with roasted coffee notes.

href="http://www.winezap.com/Glaetzer-Shiraz/1999/14564">1999 Amon Ra Shiraz

This bottle opens up with bright red and purple tones and a heavy fruit nose. Lashings of briary fruit, plum, cassis and cedar begin the wine. On the palate this wine flows with a velvet texture and a melding of blackberry fruit and supple tannins. Black pepper and spice linger on the mouth.

href="http://www.winezap.com/Glaetzer-Shiraz-The-Bishop/2004/14565">2004 Amon Ra Bishop

This wine has a deep red tone with hints of purple in the glass. The nose is light with ripe plum, cinnamon and spice. Notes of licorice and nutmeg slide onto the palate combining with round tannins. On the finish a touch of oak lingers.

href="http://www.winezap.com/Glaetzer-Shiraz-The-Bishop/2002/14565">2002 Amon Ra Bishop

This bottle opens with a deep garnet tone that revels purple hues. Aromas of ripe plum and cinnamon are melded with a hint of spice on the nose. To taste the wine is rich with fruit flavor and notes of licorice and nutmeg. The wine is completed with hints of French oak.

href="http://www.winezap.com/Glaetzer-Shiraz-The-Bishop/2001/14565">2001 Amon Ra Bishop

This is a powerful wine that reveals gentle hits of aroma and flavor. On the nose cracked pepper and nutmeg are combined with earthy spice notes. On the mouth the wine is rich and full in texture with ripe plum and cassis flavors. The finish is long and gentle with a soft oak hint.