Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Chateau Palmer

Chateau Palmer

The Chateau Palmer has a long proud wine making history that spans back through history to the early 1800s. Charles Palmer arrived in France in 1814 and fell in love with the Bordeaux. He began purchasing land in the area and extended his property to encompass 163 hectares. Palmer left the estate in capable hands to return to England where he presented his Bordeaux wines to the British Aristocracy. The modern era of Chateau Palmer began in 1938 when the Sichel, Mähler-Besse, Ginestet, and Miaihle families purchased the estate. Descendents of these families are still the major shareholders in the estate.

2003 Chateau Palmer

This year’s wine is complex and intense with a rich diversity of aroma’s revealing themselves on the nose. Hints of plum, vanilla and pepper are off set with chocolate, mocha, cinnamon and coffee. On the palate these flavors flow with outstanding balance and Palmers unique elegance.

2002 Chateau Palmer

This bottle begins with a deep intense almost black tone and a concentrated bouquet. Expressions of spice and chocolate are melded with a hint of coffee. Black fruit aromas and fresh notes of grape fill the nose further. On the palate the wine is well balanced and coats the mouth with ripe tannins.

2001 Chateau Palmer

This a classic Palmer bottle with a complex floral and fruit bouquet. Hints of spice and smoke linger on the nose and deepen on the palate. This is a rich, full, velvet wine with a long charming aftertaste.

2000 Chateau Palmer

The 2000 vintage has a rich plum tone and a heavy fruit bouquet. Ripe black currant, plum and raspberry are off set with hints of tobacco and smoke. On the mouth the wine is soft and full with strong tannins and a lasting impression.

1999 Chateau Palmer

This is an intensely powerful wine with a rich purple tone and an inviting bouquet. Aromas of black fruits, licorice and vanilla meld with a smoky undertone. On the mouth this is a full wine with a velvet texture and a nice balance. The bottle finishes with hints of spice that linger on the palate.

1998 Chateau Palmer

The bottle begins with a dark plum tone and a complex concentrated nose of fruit. Black fruit, spice, tobacco, leather and prune burst in the bouquet with a hint of sweet vanilla. An elegant, velvet texture and a sweet long finish define this Palmer wine.

1997 Chateau Palmer

The bottle begins with a vibrant ruby tone and a ripe aromatic structure. Fruit and tobacco ignite the nose with a leather and forest undertone. On the palate the aromas deepen for a full ripe fruit flavor. The wine finishes with a soft fine texture and a lingering impression.

1996 Chateau Palmer

This vintage has a ripe ruby tone and a nose bursting with fruit aromas. Black cherry and currant are layered upon smoky scents. The palate is greeted with a deep fruit and spice flavor that is complemented by a finish of cedar wood. This is a rich heavy wine with ripe tannins and a mint and spice finish.

1995 Chateau Palmer

This bottle has an intense striking bouquet of black fruit that is layered with hints of leather, ginger bread and roasted coffee. On the palate the aromas deepen into mouth filling flavor. This wine flows with a velvet finish that lingers on the senses.

1994 Chateau Palmer

This wine possesses a warm deep coloring and a concentrated heavy bouquet. A touch of spice, hints of tobacco and notes of cedar and ink make up the nose of this bottle. On the mouth the wine dances with a fresh structured composition of aroma and taste.

1990 Chateau Palmer

This vintage has a vibrant brick red tone and an elegant nose of fresh fruit. Wild berries begin the aromatics with complements of pepper and a floral essence. This wine is soft on the palate and fresh and lingering on the finish.