Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Two Hands

Two Hands

The two hands of this Australian winery are Michael Twelftree and Richard Mintz. The pair established the company in 1999 with a clear direction in mind. The goal was to produce world class Shiraz from their prized vineyards in Australia’s renowned Shiraz wine country. The Two Hands philosophy is one of innovation and creativity as well as tradition, hard work and simplicity.

2004 Two Hands Brave faces

This bottle begins with a deep purple tone and an intense complex bouquet. Notes of black plum, cloves and fennel ignite the nose and continue to develop on the palate. The mouth is soft and velvety with a rich full texture and a vibrant flavor. The finish is intensely fruity and long.

2003 Two Hands Brave faces

The 2003 vintage is bright and rich with a brilliant ruby tone and a lively aromatic structure. Raspberry, strawberry and cranberry burst out of the bottle with an undertone of cracked pepper. On the palate fresh strawberry and cranberry are coupled with sage and bay leaf for a crisp earthy concentration.

2004 Two Hands Angels Share

This wine is soft and rich with a deep black tone and a heavy nose. The bottle begins with dark licorice and plums with meaty undertones. On the mouth the flavor is full and deep saturating the palate with black fruit and mocha. The initial hit softens in the finish and leaves you with an oak impression.

2003 Two Hands Angels Share

The 2003 bottle has a warm red plum tone and an intense nose. Strong blackberry and bramble are complemented with notes of white pepper and coriander seed spice. The wine drenches the palate with heavy dark cherry fruit flavors and a dense mulberry consistency. This wine is fresh and long to finish with tight tannins.

2004 Two Hands Lilys Garden

This bottle is a unique blend from Two Hands. An intensely dark tone begins the bottle leading to an expressive bouquet. Plum and mocha dance with aniseed, coffee, Asian spices, melted chocolate and notes of clove and tobacco. The mouth is bursting with lush heavy fruit flavors and well-balanced tannins. The finish is long, velvety and full of flavor.

2003 Two Hands Angels Share

This is a special bottle with a deep purple color and an inviting nose of fruit. Blueberry, chocolate and oak fill the bouquet and develop on the mouth. The wine flows with plum, dark berry fruits and a supple tannins.

2004 Two Hands Bad Impersonator

This Two Hands bottle is almost black in tone. The wine begins by revealing a full nose of cloves, Asian spice, rhubarb and cedar with deep undercurrents of cherry, meat and licorice. The palate is greeted with a dense full flavor and a high-density fruit concentration.

2003 Two Hands Bad Impersonator

This bottle has an expansive nose of spice and cherry with hints of plum, star anise and molasses. These aromas deepen on the palate leaving a warm rich lingering impression on the mouth.

2003 Two Hands Ares

This is a rich and concentrated bottle that reveals a dense bouquet of fruit. Black currants, licorice and cola notes greet the senses and develop on the mouth. The palate is treated to a vibrant somewhat subtle flavoring that continues to deepen with age.

2002 Two Hands Ares

This wine is deep and black in tone with an invigorating bouquet. The nose is filled with plum, violets, roasted coffee bean and black berries layered with cedar and tar. On the mouth this wine is velvet with a depth and intensity that leaves the palate ignited.
of leather, ginger bread and roasted coffee. On the palate the aromas deepen into mouth filling flavor. This wine flows with a velvet finish that lingers on the senses.