Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Simi Winery


Giuseppe and Pietro Simi founded the winery in 1876. The brothers had traveled from Italy to California during the gold rush, finally settling in San Francisco. In 1881 they discovered Sonoma County and purchased land there to establish the Simi Winery. The brothers enjoyed early success but tragically died within 4 months of each other leaving the winery to Giuseppe's 14-year-old daughter, Isabelle. The winery continued to thrive under her guidance. Isabelle sold the estate in 1970 but remained involved in the winemaking. Over the course of Simi’s modernization the winery enjoyed the expertise of many great winemakers that brought traditional Semi wines into the 21st century.

2004 Semi Chardonnay

This wine has a vibrant translucent golden tone and an inviting tropical aroma. Notes of pear, lemon and vanilla are complemented by a light spice, clove, cinnamon and toasty oak bouquet. On the palate a full rich creamy texture reveals citrus hints and pear, apricot and tropical fruit flavors. The bottle finishes with vanilla and oak.

2003 Simi Chardonnay

This wine begins with a warm golden tone and a delicate fruit aroma. Notes of lemon, apple, apricot and pear engage the senses while layers of cinnamon and creamy vanilla dance delicately on the nose of this wine. The flavors of this wine are deep and intense; mango, peach and apricot round out the full fruit flavor with hints of smoke and roast to finish.

2002 Simi Chardonnay

This bottle warms up with a golden straw tone and a citrus lemon essence on the nose. The aromas of sandalwood and brown spice dance on the nose and deepen on the palate. Flavors of ripe red apple and oak dominate the mouth giving way to a long complex finish.

2003 Simi Cabernet

This wine is rich with a dark red and plum tone and an intense nose of fruit. Delicious cassis and black berry begin the bouquet with hints of leather and note of dried herb and vanilla to complement. Full berry flavors and ripe tannins leave the mouth saturated with velvet. This wine leaves a lasting fruit impression on the palate.

2002 Simi Cabernet

This bottle is defined by a deep red tone with an opulent purple hue to the edges and an soft nose of fruit. Cassis and blackberry are off set with hints of leather and dried herbs. A touch of vanilla lingers on the bouquet. Berry flavors fill the mouth with ripe rich tannins and a long finish.

2001 Simi Cabernet

This wine is dark and purple in tone with an opulent red tinge. On the nose the aromas of ripe currant and plum are layered upon notes of cedar and spice. On the mouth a rich intense hit of black berry and cassis dominate with subtle brown spice and firm tannins.

2002 Simi Landslide Cabernet

This wine possesses a dark garnet tone with purple hues. An intense nose of cassis and blackberry begin the bouquet and deepen with hints of leather, dried herbs and vanilla. The flavors are of lush berry and ripe tannins. To finish this wine is long and powerful leaving a lasting impression.

2001 Simi Landslide Cabernet

This wine possesses a dark purple tone with a translucent red highlight. The nose begins with a ripe currant and plum aroma that warms with notes of cedar and spice. On the palate an inviting blend of cassis and blackberry flavors are finished with hints of brown spice and tannins.

2001 Simi Reserve Cabernet

This wine possesses a deep plum tone with dark red tinge to the edges. Inviting notes of cassis, leather and sage fill the nose with undertones of toasty vanilla, berry and black fruit. The complex bouquet deepens on the palate with a ripe bursting blackberry and cassis flavor. A firm full finish completes this well-balanced wine.

2000 Simi Reserve Cabernet

This wine is dark and brooding in appearance with deep plum and garnet highlights. On the nose an inviting black cherry and plum aroma greets the senses with lashes of earth and dried herbs. A rich fruit concentration pours onto the palate with clove and cedar spice warming the mouth and a hint of cocoa on the finish. This is a long, complex wine with firm tannins.