Tuesday, February 21, 2006



The Justin Winery was established in 1981 when Justin and Deborah Baldwin purchased land on California’s central coast. Within a year they had turned the land into a vineyard and had begun to produce the first Justin wines. The harvest began with the traditional red Bordeaux grape varietals Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc. Since the first harvest the Justin winery has developed a profile of world-class estate made wines. The philosophy behind the family business is to remain an industry leader in the production of Californian Central coast estate wines.

2002 Justin Isosceles

This Justin wine has a deep plum tone and a subtle dark fruit aroma. Black berries, coffee and an earthy dust dominant the nose. On the palate this wine flows with a forward fruit flavor of cherries, cassis and plum. Soft undertones of chocolate and caramel layer upon the mouth for a deep, long velvet finish.

2001 Justin Isosceles

The 2001 Isosceles has a striking ruby hue with a plum core. It begins with a cherry, dark chocolate and toffee expression layered upon caramel and toasted oak. Layers of black cherry, raspberry and plum flow onto the palate. A ripe tannins and rich finish leave a lasting impression on the mouth.

2000 Justin Isosceles

A medium light plum hue and a long sweet finish define this wine. The bottle opens up with fresh herb and spice melded with a ripe red cherry note. The flavors are smoky and concentrated sweet fruit. The wine is light on the palate and lingers on the senses.

1999 Justin Isosceles

This year’s wine has a translucent purple hue with a dark ruby core and long impression on the palate. A mint black currant aroma begins the bouquet and deepens into a warm berry flavor. Hints of toasted oak continue to flow on the mouth with a medium-bodied lengthy finish.

1998 Justin Isosceles

This bottle has a bright red tone with a core of garnet. The aromatics burst from the bottle with layers of pencil lead, toasted oak, warm vanilla and creamy caramel off set by the fresh fruit fragrances of black currant, raspberry, blue berry and cedar. The aromatics deepen and flow onto the palate leaving a lasting impression.

2001 Justin Chardonnay

This wine has an opulent gold tone with a fresh aromatic composition and a warm flavor. The bottle opens up with toasted oak, vanilla and nut notes complemented by a mineral and flint essence. This is a full-bodied wine with a rich flow on the palate and a light finish.

2003 Justin Cabernet

This wine is dark plum with a bright lining of berry red. The bouquet is rich with black cherry, currants and vanilla. On the palate the wine lengthens with a blueberry, cassis and spice complement. This is a soft wine with a warm hint of chocolate to finish.

2002 Justin Cabernet

This is a darkly toned wine with a textured complement of aromas and flavor. The bottle opens up to cherry raisin and prune notes with an overflowing palate of cherry pie and rhubarb. Hints of oak finish this long lingering wine.

2001 Justin Cabernet

The 2001 vintage has a deep plum tone and a bright light edge. The sweet ripe dark fruit aromas combine with a dark cherry essence and an oak finish. The palate is treated to a dominant fruit flavor with a well-balanced supple complexity.

2000 Justin Cabernet

This bottle has deep ruby tone with hint of garnet on the edges. The aromatics explode with a diversity of fragrance. Anise, berries and grape are layered with chocolate, cedar and tobacco. An undertone of pepper, red meat and black tar linger in the bouquet. On the palate the wine transforms with fresh cherry, almond and raspberry. The flavor further develops with hints of eucalyptus and cedar. The wine is soft and supple to finish.