Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Kosta Browne

Kosta Browne

The Kosta Browne winery was established in 1997 in Sonoma County by winemakers Dan Kosta and Michael Browne. The goal was to produce world class Pinot Noir with grapes grown in their California vineyards. Sonoma County is renowned for producing some of the finest Pinot Noir grapes in the world. With this in mind Kosta and Browne set out to capitalize on this and develop a world-class winery. Kosta Browne wines 100% hand crafted from picking through to sorting. Every bottle is given personal sign off by Dan and Michael to ensure the highest standard of quality is met.

2003 Kosta Browne Pinot Noir Cohn

This bottle opens up to a rich melding of raspberry and juicy red cherry with a warm undercurrent of layered cream vanilla. The aromatics are deepened with a touch of white pepper, cola and wild mushrooms. On the palate the wine explodes with rich raspberry and sweet wild spice. The wine is deep and full on the mouth with the converging flavors of plum, black cherry and cola. This elegant firm wine finishes with a lingering vanilla and strawberry hint.

2002 Kosta Browne Pinot Noir Cohn

This Kosta Browne vintage from the Cohn vineyard is an exotic and deeply layered wine that develops well with age. A full-bodied blend of rich dark fruits is dominant with a subtle spice underlying the bottle. The palate is bombarded with layers of earth and stem, meat and mineral and is finished with a lingering grape flavor.

2003 Kosta Browne Pinot Noir Kanzler

This vintage has a rich aromatic profile of juicy black berry and black cherry layered upon rose petal and stone. A core of cedar and fruit deepen the bottle. On the palate this wine is textured with black berry and cherry flavors that meld with a sweet undercurrent of warm spice. Layers of leather and cedar greet the senses and develop into a lingering full finish of chocolate, oak and subtle floral hints.

2002 Kosta Browne Pinot Noir Kanzler

This vintage is a classic Kosta Browne Pinot Noir. Its richly elegant full flavor and expressive fruits make it an exciting addition to any cellar. The senses are treated to a dominant black berry and cherry flavor with undertones of earth and game. The bottle opens nicely with a hint of spice and a deep clean fruit blend.

2003 Kosta Browne Pinot Noir

This wine begins with a warm plum tone and an exciting aromatic blend of black cherry, plum and creamy vanilla. Undertones of forest, cocoa and cola deepen in the glass. On the mouth it is silky and gentle with hints of spice and fruit greeting the palate. A current of cedar and tea continue to delight with a finish of vanilla bean, cocoa and soft spice.

2002 Kosta Browne Pinot Noir

The 2002 bottle opens up to a mineral and earth aroma with a strong acidic sour cherry layer on the nose. The juicy fruit flavors dominate the palate with an elegant textured stone and cherry core. This is an age worthy deep wine that is well balanced both in feel and flavor.

2000 Kosta Browne Pinot Noir

A rich opening of ripe raspberry and black cherry is off set with a creamy undercurrent of milk chocolate and vanilla. Hints of white pepper and cola deepen in the glass. On the palate this wine leaves impressions of raspberry and cherries with a chewy stone fruit complement. A long finish and a full-body conclude this bottle.

1999 Kosta Browne Pinot Noir5

This beautifully crafted wine has a warm red ruby tone with an explosive flavor and a rich texture. On the nose floral hints combine with red berry and cherry notes. Subtle hints of spice and fig open up in the glass. The strong fruit flavors slide onto the palate and leave a lasting impression. This is an age worthy wine that explodes from the bottle.

1998 Kosta Browne Pinot Noir

This bottle produces and exotic aromatic combination of orange peel, cherry and 5-spice. The nose is also treated to a lavish hint of plum, ginger and strawberry. On the mouth it is deep and supple with the combining flavors of strawberry and cherry dominating the palate. This wine is finished with a rich lingering core of cranberry, nutmeg and bay leaf.

1997 Kosta Browne Pinot Noir

This vintage carries the warm aroma of black berry, dark raspberry and exotic perfume. Its delicious aromatics are complemented with a festival of flavors. Tantalizing black berry and cherry notes are off set with raspberry and smoky tea. This wine deepens on the palate with a complex combination of rose petal, bakers cocoa and dried cherry.