Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Sea Smoke

Sea Smoke

Sea Smoke Cellars is renowned for its exclusive richly elegant and graceful Pinot Noir. The vineyard is located in Santa Barbara's Santa Rita Hills. Its unique geography provides perfect conditions for producing world class Pinot Noir. In 1999 Bob Davids purchased the vineyard in Santa Barbara’s western hills and fulfilled a life long dream. In the summer a cool nighttime fog radiates from the Santa Ynez River across the vineyards. The fog slows the maturation process hence creating a unique Sea Smoke grape.

2003 Sea Smoke Ten

This vintage is defined by a deep plum tone and a languid aromatic release into the glass. The wine is textured with notes of black cherry, currants and plum off set with cedar and earth. This bottle can be enjoyed young but will also deepen nicely with age.

2002 Sea Smoke Ten

This bottle is the original Sea Smoke Ten vintage. This introductory wine is deep and dark with an enveloping aroma descending upon the senses. The bottle opens to ripe raspberries and exotic spices. On the palate this well-balanced wine melds cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon and chocolate. This is a supple ripe wine with a lingering finish and a rich diversity of flavors.

2003 Sea Smoke Southing

This Sea Smoke bottle is deep ruby red and possesses a warm grace and elegance. This wine exudes the aromas of blue berry, black berry and violets with a dusty undertone. This is a ripe and firm wine with a well-structured finish. A quality age worthy bottle that leaves a lasting fruit impression on the palate.

2002 Sea Smoke Southing

This bottle opens up to deep notes of black fruit with a warm cherry aroma dominating the nose. A sophisticated oak flavor is deepened with hints of dried flowers. This is a lavish bottle with a smooth flow on the mouth and seamless velvet finish.

2001 Sea Smoke Southing

A dark garnet tone and a deep texture define this Sea Smoke special. On the nose an impression of dark berries and black cherry are complemented by an undertone of chocolate. This wine flows gently onto the palate with layers of texture and a lingering delightful finish.

2003 Sea Smoke Botella

The 2003 Boutella Pinot Noir has a dark ruby tone with an unforgettable fruit essence on the nose. The bottle opens up to a dark fruits, cherries, cola and wild spices. These aromas deepen onto the palate and leave a lingering impression. The mouth is textured and chewy with a fresh finish.

2002 Sea Smoke Botella

This is a commanding bottle with a bursting aromatic expression of cherry, coffee and cola. Undertones of maple syrup, earth and mushroom finish the nose. A rich concentrated dark fruit flavor dominates the mouth with a bright cherry flow on the finish. This is a rich and complex Sea Smoke bottle.

2001 Sea Smoke Botella

The 2001 bottle has a dark ruby tone and a slow releasing aromatic structure. The nose eventually opens with a floral note and hints of bright fruits. Black cherry and mineral combine with red berry and violets for an explosive expression on the palate. This is a nicely balanced medium wine with a firm structure and a subtle finish.