Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Colgin Cellars


The Colgin Cellars are world renowned for their exceptional handcrafted reds. The small Californian winery produces its intensely flavored wines with grapes harvested from their vineyards in the St Helena area of the Napa Valley. The Colgin Cellars were founded in 1992 by Ann Barry Colgin and have since produced an exclusive wine list including the Colgin Herb Lamb Cabernet Sauvignon and the Colgin Cariad Napa Valley Red Wine.

2002 Colgin Herb Lamb Cabernet

A long maturation harvest and a richly complex grape define this 2002 Herb Lamb vintage. This year produced a full flavored traditional Herb Lamb cabernet with a deep aroma that has come to be expected from this vineyard. The wine has a vibrant red tone with a dark melting core. On the nose it is bright and fruity with aromas of raspberries and cherries completed by an earthy soil note. A pure ripe mouth and supple tannins finish exotic fruit flavors with a barbeque meat taste.

2001 Colgin Herb Lamb Cabernet

This celebratory Colgin vintage marks ten years of the Herb Lamb Cabernet. The complex 2001 wine has a black centre with a translucent red edge and is characterized by a ripe aroma. The bottle begins with sweet red cherry aromas and explodes into a floral bouquet with a jam and berry fruit essence. This is rich cabernet that saturates the mouth with sweetness.

2000 Colgin Herb Lamb Cabernet

This vintage is a classic from the St Helena vineyards. The wine has warm deep tone and is complemented by a ripe firm structure and a long finish on the mouth. The sweet fruit flavors meld with earth and floral notes to give this wine an enticing aroma.

1999 Colgin Herb Lamb Cabernet

This year’s wine combines the rich aromas of black fruits with a bouquet of supple blueberry. The tone is deep and dark at the core with a vibrant edge and a sweet complexity. The bottle opens to a warm black fruit flavor that deepens on the mouth producing an earthy element with white pepper, tobacco and spice notes. This is an age worthy vintage with the traditional Herb Lamb complexity.

1998 Colgin Herb Lamb Cabernet

The 1998 vintage is a full dense wine with a deep rich purple and plum tone. The bottle opens to a sweet aroma of black berries and mineral with a smoky oak undertone and a blueberry essence. This is a full-bodied wine with a warm lush texture and a complex finish.

1997 Colgin Herb Lamb Cabernet

The 1997 vintage is a dynamic explosive wine with a rich tapestry of flavor and aroma. The initial nose bursts with blackberries, lavender and blueberries and continues to deepen with crisp licorice and toast hints. This bottle is full and layered with a soft supple texture and a long lingering finish.

2002 Colgin Cariad

The Colgin Cariad has a deep tone and strong aromatic elements. This vintage combines the warm fruit notes of red skinned raspberries and black cherries with a fresh soil and earth undertone. This is an exotic blend with a hint of blood orange on the aging bouquet. On the mouth the Cariad is pure and full with a long decadent finish.

2001 Colgin Cariad

This 2001 Colgin has an intensely deep plum core that evens out on the edges into a dark vibrant red. The bouquet opens up with exotic orange rind aromas and a warm spice fragrance. The bottle is complex with ripe tannins and a velvet texture on the mouth.

2000 Colgin Cariad

The 2000 Colgin Cariad is characterized by its deep black hue and its warm opulent tones. The wine is traditionally complex with a rich saturation of vibrant jam fruit aromas. The bottle opens up with earth and jam notes and finishes on the mouth with a full-layered texture. This wine is strong and lush with a long lingering taste.

1999 Colgin Cariad

The tone of this wine is dark at the centre with a translucent finish at the edges. Its bright fruit aromas, soft tannins and complexity define this 1999 Cariad. The wine begins with a rich black cherry and raspberry fragrance before balancing out with fresh earth and blueberry notes. A sweet tobacco undertone completed this classic Colgin Cariad.