Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Clos du Val

Clos Du Val

In 1970 Bernard Portet a French born winemaker came to Napa Valley to search for an estate for his employer American businessman John Goelet. The American wanted to purchase a Napa vineyard with the potential to produce world-class wines. Goelet purchased 150 acres in California’s Napa Valley on Portets advise and began his harvest. The first Clos Du Val Cabernet Sauvignon was produced in 1972 to rave reviews. Since then the Clos Du Val name has become synonymous with hand crafted exclusive quality wines. This first vintage Clos Du Val was selected as one of only 5 Californian cabernets to be appreciated at the famous Paris wine tasting in 1976.

2003 Clos Du Val Chardonnay

This year’s harvest produced a soft golden wine with a warm tone and a fresh tropical flavor. The bottle opens up to a rich aroma of tropical fruits with a pear and citrus hint. The flavor deepens on the mouth with a luscious butterscotch and vanilla blend. This vintage is elegant and layered in texture with a full-bodied long creamy finish.

2002 Clos Du Val Chardonnay

The 2002 vintage has a warm yellow tone with a medium body and a long finish. The bottle gently opens up to a spicy fruit, pear and citrus aroma with soft floral hints on the nose. Warm peach and honey suckle undertones deepen into a crisp green apple flavor with a butterscotch essence.

2001 Clos Du Val Chardonnay

This Clos Du Val classic is excellently crafted and elegantly balanced with vibrant fruit flavors and aromas. A soft straw yellow tone defines this wine and a light oak aroma greets the senses. This is a light wine with a velvet texture and a bright finish.

2000 Clos Du Val Chardonnay

A rich layered texture and a full body define this 2000 Clos Du Val vintage. The bottle opens up to a warm ripe fruit extravaganza. Multiple layers of apple, pear and tropical fruit are melded with a crisp infusion of pineapple and spice. An undertone of sweet honey deepens on the mouth leaving a full texture and long finish.

2002 Clos Du Val Cabernet

This Clos Du Val Cabernet opens up to rich juicy black fruit aromas and flavors melded with leather, toasty oak and anise. This wine has an elegant velvet texture with a long full-bodied finish. On the palate this wine is firm and lingering.

2001 Clos Du Val Cabernet

The 2001 vintage has a deep purple tone and a rich heavy nose. The aromas of sweet cherries, hazelnut and coffee ignite the bouquet and combine with the lasting flavors of black fruit and a hint of chocolate. This is a sensuous wine with a silky texture and a long lasting impression on the mouth.

2000 Clos Du Val Cabernet

This wine has a rich plum and deep red tone. The bottle opens up nicely to the subtle aromas of black cherry, herb and cedar with hints of green olive and pepper. On the palate the wine is soft and supple with a lasting taste and the lingering flavors of cedar, black fruits, toast, and currents. This is an age worthy wine with a distinctive Clos Du Val style.

1999 Clos Du Val Cabernet

A dark ruby tone and a firm intense flavor define this year’s vintage. The nose opens up to the aroma of ripe berries with dusty oak and pepper notes. The flavors are rich black currents and fresh black cherries with leather and earth undertones. On the mouth a sensuous hint of chocolate finishes the flavor. This is a firm well-structured wine with a lingering taste.

2000 Clos Du Val Cabernet Stags Leap

This bottle has a deep rich purple tone with a fleshy full texture on the mouth. The wine flows into the glass with subtle floral and fruit notes on the nose. Black currant dominates the flavors on the palate with a spicy essence to finish.

1999 Clos Du Val Cabernet Stags Leap

This bottle opens up with a very deep black garnet tone and an inviting bouquet. Notes of cassis, herb and meat with toasty undertones fill the nose. On the mouth the wine flows with a heavy texture and a rich concentrated fruit flavor. This wine has a long lingering oak finish.