Tuesday, February 21, 2006



Etude wines produce two classic varietals reds, Pinot Noir and Cabernet. The estate vineyard is located in the Carneros region of California’s Napa Valley. While Etude wines follow the traditional wine making practices of Burgundy and Bordeaux they have a distinctive contemporary Californian feel.

2004 EtudePinot Noir

This bottle has a soft pink tone and a vibrant bouquet. Sweet bright berry fruits greet the nose and a crisp fresh fruit flavor explodes on the mouth. A refined long fruit finish defines this Rose wine.

2003 Etude Pinot Noir

The 2003 vintage has a warm opulent tone and a sweet rich aroma. The bouquet opens up to bing cherry and raspberry jam with layered hints of ginger. On the mouth the wine flows with a sweet cherry flavor and a full round body.

2002 Etude Pinot Noir

This bottle has a sweet pure nose that explodes with earth and truffle notes and warm violet, black cherry and chocolate undertones. The wine coats the palate with a melding of spices and a hint of strawberry jam.

2001 Etude Pinot Noir

This is a sumptuous sweet Etudes red with a rich red fruit aroma. On the palate this wine deepens with a velvet fresh fruit flavor that lingers on the mouth. A juicy full-bodied zest and round tannins defines this 2001 Pinot Noir.

2002 Etude Pinot Noir

This classic Etude wine begins with a black raspberry and cherry bouquet. Undertones of chocolate and mint give the wine a depth and intensity from the opening. This wine saturates the palate with a heavy fruit concentration and velvet tannins deepen for a long finish.

2000 Etude Pinot Noir

This vintage is full and heavy with a rich nose of black fruit, sweet vanilla and light toast. Soft and lush in texture the wine flows onto the palate with a supple juicy blackberry flavor layered upon black cherry and raspberries. Hints of smoky meat, brown spice, toast and lavish mocha finish the flavors and leaving a lingering impression.

2002 Etude Cabernet

This Cabernet has a warm plum tone with a rich aromatic structure. Layers of black cherry and currants open up the bouquet with undertones of espresso, vanilla and raspberry liqueur. The wine pours onto the palate with a rich coffee bean and black fruit flavor. Hints of brown spice linger on the palate with silky supple tannins to finish.

2001 Etude Cabernet

This is a classic Cabernet by Etude. The wine begins with a melding berry bouquet layered with hints of cedar, plum and smoke. Hazelnut, vanilla and a dusting of cocoa complement the ripe fruit flavor on the mouth. The wine is finished with a strong tart cherry impression.

2000 Etude Cabernet

This is a fine supple wine with a rich tapestry of inviting aromas. The bottle opens up to soft violets, toasted coconuts and milk chocolate. A rich hint of espresso underlies the bouquet and deepens on the mouth. The palate is washed over with a full black cherry flavor off set with nutmeg and licorice. This is a full-bodied textured wine that leaves a complex velvet impression to finish.

1999 Etude Cabernet

A rich aroma of violet and lilac open this bottle up with an exotic introduction to the wine. On the mouth this wine is full and heavy with layers of flavor pouring onto the palate. Bing cherries, cassis and a hint of traditional Rutherford dust saturate the mouth. This is a great bottle to enjoy in youth or once it has aged.