Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Sterling Cellars


The Sterling Vineyards Winery was founded in 1964 by Englishman Peter Newton. The vineyards are a well known landmark in the Napa Valley wine country. Sterling is located on a hill just south of the town of Calistoga overlooking the northern valley. Sterling wines have a signature style that continues to impress. Each bottle expresses the unique characteristics of the grape, the vineyard and the year it was grown.

2002 Sterling Reserve Cabernet

This bottle possesses a deep ruby tone and a sweet rich aroma. On the nose scents of toasty oak and black plum greet the senses. Layers of briar fruit, cinnamon, nutmeg, cocoa and cedar line the bouquet and balance out on the mouth. The flavors are firm with toasty vanilla and oak off set with a soft tannic finish.

2001 Sterling Reserve Cabernet

This wine opens up with a warm ruby tone and a ripe earthy nose. Cassis and nutty oak begin the bouquet and deepen further on the palate. The wine flows softly revealing ripe black fruit flavors with a nutty oak finish.

2001 Sterling Merlot Diamond Ranch

The 2001 bottle has a deep ruby and purple tone with heavy aromatics and rich flavors. Black currant, cedar and cocoa combine with espresso and hints of lavender. On the palate ripe blackcurrant, cassis and maple flavors converge and coat the mouth. The wine is finished with a full velvet hit of plum.

2001 Sterling Merlot

This fine merlot has a vibrant purple-violet tone and a rich fruit concentration. The nose reveals heavy fruit and jam with a hint of spice. On the palate this wine is full and layered with spice, oak and vanilla complemented by cinnamon, nutmeg and cedar.

2000 Sterling Merlot

A deep purple and garnet tone and a full ripe density characterize this bottle. On the nose a heavy hit of black berry jam greets the senses. The flavors flow like velvet onto the palate with hints of vanilla bean, cinnamon, nutmeg and cedar. This wine is completed with a juicy grape aftertaste.

1999 Sterling Merlot

This bottle possesses an opulent ruby tone and a ripe rich aromatic structure. On the nose fresh blackberry, jammy red fruit and vanilla burst out of the bottle. Undertones of nutmeg, dark chocolate and toasty oak run through the bouquet. On the palate the flavors converge with rich black fruits, ripe black cherries and blackberries. The finish lingers with fine tannins.

2001 Sterling Merlot Three Palms

This wine has a dark inky tone and a rich fruit nose. Aromas of black cherry, vanilla and cinnamon are layered with notes of clove, molasses and toasted coconut. Ripe plum, cherry and blueberry jam flow onto the palate with spicy cinnamon and clove deepening the flavor. Hints of caramel and cocoa linger on the finish.

1999 Sterling Merlot Three Palms

This bottle is full and vibrant with a heavy fruit and floral nose. Hints of violet and perfume are complemented with spicy, toasted oak. An intense fruit and black cherry flavor fill the palate with a soft long chocolate finish.

2001 Sterling Pinot Noir Lake

This bottle has a warm plum tone and an intense bouquet. Aromas of blackberry, hints of violet and vanilla and notes of cinnamon fill the nose. On the palate the wine slides with a full body and complex fruit flavors. Plum and blackberry jam with a touch of chocolate and toasty caramel lingers on the mouth. The wine finishes with a long toasty impression.

2000 Sterling Pinot Noir Lake

This is a finely balances fresh supple wine with a rich core of aromas and flavors. Ruby tones flow into the glass with aromas of earth, currant and cedar layered with fresh berry flavors. This wine has a long gentle finish and mild tannins.