Tuesday, February 21, 2006



Krug is a giant when it comes to world class champagne. The classic Krug bottle is endlessly expressive and surprising with a fresh taste and feel that is distinctively Krug. Many people consider Krug to be the best champagne in the world. Established in 1843 Krug has since specialized in single vineyard wines and time honored traditional winemaking practices.

1990 Krug Champagne

This is a classic Krug bottle that literally dazzles the senses. A rich nose of fresh bread and toast begin the sensation. Notes of apple, grapefruit and lemon and a hint of coffee deliver with a sharp bite onto to the palate. Layers of fruit continue to develop on the mouth with lashings of pineapple, coconut and apple. This wine flows with a long lasting finish.

1989 Krug Champagne

This bottle has a sparkling golden tone and a rich expansive nose. A heavy hint of spice, cinnamon and nutmeg begin the bottle with undertones of nut and yeast revealing. On the mouth the wine is full and creamy with a long impression on the finish.

1988 Krug Champagne

This vintage possesses a rich straw tone and a beautifully layered nose. Hints of nut and toast are off set by truffle notes in the bouquet. On the palate the flavors are intense with hazelnuts, roasted cashews and lemon zest leaving a lasting impression on the mouth.

1985 Krug Champagne

This bottle has a deep golden glow with a sparkling translucent appearance in the glass. The nose brims with lemon pastry layered over deep peach notes. On the palate the wine flows like velvet with a full creamy texture and an exotic sweetness. A hint of Indian spice warms the mouth and lingers on the finish.

1990 Krug Mensil

This vintage had a dark yellow tone and a richly complex nose. Aromas of vanilla, caramel and white fruit burst from the bottle. On the mouth a medium body and a sensual sweetness reveal intense vanilla and caramel flavors. These scents and flavors follow through and leave a long lingering impression.

1989 Krug Mensil

The bottle opens up with a deep brooding golden tone and a tight nose of vegetable. The nose further develops revealing concentrated fruit aromas. On the palate a heavy consistency saturates the senses with nut and fruit flavors. A well developed, balanced wine that leaves a fresh impression on the mouth.

1988 Krug Mensil

This bottle possesses a light straw tone and a rich fruity nose. The scents of popsicle and vitamin pills linger on the bouquet. On the palate the wine flows with a heavy fruit concentration in flavor and a light bubbly feel.

1986 Krug Mensil

This wine has a fresh yellow tone and a diverse nose of fried mushrooms and slightly rotten plums. The bottles bouquet deepens on the palate giving off a warm, dense and sweet taste and texture. This wine has a medium body on the mouth and a complex bitter finish that leaves a lingering aftertaste.

1985 Krug Mensil

This wine has a soft golden hue and a fresh and fruity nose. Aromas of sweet coconut, mango and tropical fruit dazzle the senses and deliver on the palate. A heavy fruit concentration and an elegant velvet texture flow onto the mouth. Harmony and power define this delicate wine. A long lingering after taste and a beautiful fresh feel finish this bottle.

1984 Krug Mensil

This Non Vintage Krug champagne has a soft yellow tone and a complex nose. The warm aromas of fresh sparking fruit burst from the glass. On the mouth this wine is light and fresh with notes of caramelized apple and warm toast. The finish on this wine is extremely long and vibrant.