Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Pine Ridge

Pine Ridge

The Pine Ridge Winery is located in the heart of California wine country in the Napa Valley Stags Leap District. Founded in 1978 Pine Ridge philosophy has always been to produce distinctive and unique world-class wines that represent each vineyards characteristic. Pine Ridge’s expansive vineyards cover over 220 acres of the Napa Valleys finest wine making geography. Over the years Pine Ridge has produced classic Bordeaux reds and lingering French oak chardonnays.

2001 Pine Ridge Rutherford Cabernet

This unique Napa Valley Cabernet begins with a nose of dried currant, milk chocolate and vanilla layered upon cherry, black berry, black olive and pepper. On the palate the wine flows with a full mouth revealing black cherry and berry flavors with a hint of toast. This wine leaves a lingering distinctive toast flavor with touches of vanilla, fruit and cocoa.

2000 Pine Ridge Rutherford Cabernet

Another beautifully complex Pine Ridge wine with an expansive bouquet of chocolate, cherry, black berry and dried cranberry. Undertones of bay leaf and brown sugar reveal themselves on the nose and deepen on the palate with the fresh flavors of black berry, cranberry, tea and cocoa. This wine has a long lingering finish of vanilla, berry, toast and bay.

1999 Pine Ridge Rutherford Cabernet

This bottle opens up warmly with a sweet and smoky nose of briary, black cherry, black berry, and dried cherry. Under currants of honey and vanilla are off set on the nose with a hint of black pepper. On the palate the flavor is full and supple with a flowing creamy spice to taste. This is a complex wine with a long finish and a heavy intensity and depth.

1998 Pine Ridge Rutherford Cabernet

This vintage opens up with soft toasty aromas and a smoky green olive nose. Flavors of raspberry and wild cassis engage the palate and deepen with a dusty undertone. This is a deep and complex wine with a fresh lingering finish.

1997 Pine Ridge Rutherford Cabernet

This is an intensely flavored vintage with a unique opening of smoke, green olive and French toast. The full body and creamy texture slide onto the palate with a rich raspberry and wild cassis complement. Dusty undertones leave a lasting impression.

2000 Pine Ridge Andrus Proprietary Red

This wine begins with a layered bouquet of cassis, cranberry and milk chocolate deepening with butter, vanilla, mocha and currant. The wine flows on the mouth with a rich texture and a creamy silk feel. Cranberry, cassis and unsweetened cocoa are melded with coffee bean flavors engaging the palate and leaving a lingering finish.

1999 Pine Ridge Andrus Proprietary Red

This medium wine is characterized by is rich texture and deep ruby tones. The bottle begins with an elegant bouquet of red fruits and develops on the palate with layers of flavor. Briar, cassis and cranberry notes are complemented by hints of caramel, mocha, milk chocolate and vanilla. Lashings of red spice, leather, tobacco and bittersweet cocoa powder linger on the mouth. A well balanced long velvet finish defines this Bordeaux.

1998 Pine Ridge Andrus Proprietary Red

This wine possesses a deep ruby tone and a rich concentrated black fruit bouquet. The wine has a graceful medium body, supple texture and warm full flavor. On the palate this vintage is distinctive with layers of briar, mulberry, cranberry and cassis wrapped in a cinnamon and spice essence. Leather, hints of tobacco and bittersweet cocoa finish this wine delicately.

1997 Pine Ridge Andrus Proprietary Red

The 97 bottle is an award winning Pine Ridge special. This is a medium bodied Bordeaux wine with a rich complexity and a firm structure. The bouquet is full with heavy notes of black fruits that continue to develop on the mouth. Briar, mulberry, cranberry and cassis are complemented by cinnamon and spice. Hints of tobacco, leather and cocoa leave a lasting impression.

1996 Pine Ridge Andrus Proprietary Red

This is deeply layered wine with a rich bouquet of concentrated fruit. On the palate the wine expand with mulberry, cassis and cinnamon flavors. The bottle continues to deliver layers of leather on the nose and mouth and finishes with a fine velvet texture.