Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Pichon Longueville Comtesse de laLande

Pichon Lalande

What was once barren wasteland devoid of any prospects is now the home of Chateau Pichon. In the 17th century the Bordeaux property belonged to Pierre des Mesures de Rauzan whose daughter married Baron Joseph de Pichon-Longueville. The family owned vineyards were split in the 19th century equally between the Barons 5 children. Decendents of the family owned and operated the winery until the Bouteiller family brought it in 1935. The classic French wines are renowned on the world market.

2004 Pichon Lalande

This 2004 bottle has all the characteristics that have come to be expected in a Pichon wine. Rich aromas of black fruit and spices dominate the nose and on the palate decadent layers of fresh fruit fill the mouth. This wine has a velvet texture and a dazzling vibrant finish.

2003 Pichon Lalande

This bottle is a classic Pihon with a warm opulent ruby tone and a rich nose of black fruit. On the palate it is sweet and creamy with a long deep finish. This bottle is defined by its depth and concentrated fruit intensity.

2002 Pichon Lalande

This bottle opens up with a nose of delicate black current and black fruit. Undertones of spice and mineral complete the bouquet. On the mouth this wine is full and rich saturating the senses with fruit flavor, texture and fragrance.

2001 Pichon Lalande

This vintage has a dull ruby tone and a nose of fresh fruit. The bouquet deepens with floral notes and a spicy scent before further developing on the palate. Ripe black fruit flavors and a touch of oak fill the mouth before finishing the wine with a lasting tannic expression.

2000 Pichon Lalande

This is a pure and delightful Pichon special with a powerful aromatic delivery. Black currants, violets and tapenade fill the nose and deepen with a bouquet of bark and oak. On the mouth the wine is full and dense with a velvet texture and a smooth creamy finish.

1999 Pichon Lalande

This wine possesses a soft ruby glow and a subtle nose of fruit that deepens on the palate. This is an elegant vibrant wine with a fresh black fruit and spice mouth. This is an age worthy bottle that can also be enjoyed in youth.

1997 Pichon Lalande

This bottle opens up to hints of smoked wood, grilled toast and sweet café mocha. Undertones of cherries and currant run layers through this luminous wine. On the palate the body is round and full with a black fruit concentration and a spicy finish.

1996 Pichon Lalande

This is a powerful concentrated Pichon blend that possesses a rich fruity aroma and a full mouth. The bottle opens up with a concentrated hit of fruit and continues to grow on the palate. The finish is creamy and long lasting.

1995 Pichon Lalande

This wine has a deep dark ruby tone and a brooding aromatic structure. Black fruit and cedar dominate the nose and extend like silk onto the palate. A delicious velvet texture washes over the mouth with a concentrated black fruit flavor.

1994 Pichon Lalande

This is a classic year for the Pichon blend. The bottle opens with a garnet ruby tone and a strong nose of licorice and mineral. On the mouth the wine is rich and full with a concentrated black fruit flavor that persists in the finish.